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Why Airport Search?

If you’ve ever been stuck at an airport, then Airport Search is for you.

Here’s why it exists:

I as soon as spent eight hours at a small east coast airport awaiting a flight domestic to Seattle. I read the newspaper, finished a book, ate vintage merchandising gadget meals, and inspected the 3 version airplanes displayed in the lobby – twice.

Eventually, I noticed a tiny inexperienced sign with a dwindled arrow and the even fainter words, “Obs. Deck” on it. I accompanied the arrow, pushed opened a heavy door, and entered a massive room with leather chairs and a incredible view onto the airfield and the encompassing geographical region.

Right there I determined there needed to be a manual to airports and airport amenities. (A existence goal friends and own family declared to be “the stupidest thing” they’d ever heard of.)  So I started out touring airports in search of statement decks, artwork and cultural exhibits, restaurants with innovative menus, stores with gift-worthy inventory, and locations where tourists may want to take naps, contend with commercial enterprise,  get a few exercising or just get a few sparkling air.

A lot of what I found ended up in a ebook titled “Airport Search” that turned into published in 2001, just 8 weeks before the events of 11th of September. After that, airports and air journey modified so much and so fast that it just made experience to use the internet to percentage this facts.

For seven years I profiled airports for Expedia.com. Now I write approximately airports here on StuckatTheAirport.com and for shops inclusive of USA TODAY, CNBC, NBC, Runway Girl Network, and lots of others. You can see lots of those tales here

StuckatTheAirport.com is a growing listing of airport profiles and information and notes approximately airports and airport amenities you’ll be glad to realize about the next time you locate your self stuck at the airport. And due to the fact airports are the front doorways to their cities, this site additionally makes trips into town to see what’s there. 



4 mind on “Why Airport Search?

  1. says:

    Welcome! And thank you for the kind phrases.

  2. Dan Nash says:

    Hi…I just now observed your website and subscribed. I’m looking forward in your evaluations on essential and minor airports in the USA, mainly ORD (a textbook instance of the way NOT to layout a chief global airport) and DFW (no longer far at the back of on my least-favourite listing). Keep up the best work!

  3. Bob Taylor says:

    Looking forward to reading outcomes of all of your efforts! I got your information from the IWASM director, Heather . I’m on the IWASM board of Trustees and was a tour guide volunteer returned while airports used to have companies of humans congregate without demanding approximately staying a prop span away from each other!

  4. Simon says:

    By the way, the dialogue in “flight delays and cancellations” seem to deal greater with getting compensation from the carrier, instead of sensible hints on handling this *knock wood* occasional air tour dilemma.

    One component I’d like to say is that obtaining a hotel room may be quite elaborate. In another united states, you might want a visa, or even if you may depart transit, you would possibly leave out out if a flight suddenly becomes available even as away, or in case of horrific weather, close by resorts can be complete or ridiculously high-priced.

    On the opposite hand, it truly beats napping on a bench with your carry on like a homeless character…

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