Treat Airport Spa

XpresSpa company provides some other logo: Treat

The agency that gives airport passengers XpresSpa, now with massage and manicure provider in 26 locations in thirteen airports globally, and ExpresCheck for airport COVID checking out, is rolling out a brand new emblem.

This one is called Treat. And it's far an upscale airport spa and health idea with scientific services, modern checking out, “and a holistic technique to physical and mental properly-being.”

The menu of services includes:

  • Relaxation offerings which include guide massage and hydro rub down
  • Self-guided well being offerings including visible decompressions with VR goggles, meditation room, workouts
  • Health services such as IV drips, injections, consultations with carriers for acute illnesses, intellectual health training
  • Wellness merchandise to help combat fatigue, relieve pressure, boost stamina and promote wholesome structures along with adaptogenic herbs and dietary supplements, teas, and tinctures
  • Women’s fitness products that assist reproductive health, pregnancy, and intimacy
  • Beauty and hygiene products inclusive of hydrating masks and creams, soaps, shampoos, and hand sanitizer
  • Travel merchandise along with compression socks, eye masks, pillows, and blankets.

To agenda an appointment or to see what unique fitness services are offered and what the charges are, you’ll need to enroll in a free club at the Treat website or the Treat app.

We took a take a look at the fee list for clinical services and located $50 for a flu vaccine or a nutrition injection and $175 to be visible for a wide variety of different troubles, consisting of eye troubles, bloodless/flu signs and symptoms, sinus infections, wound care, allergies, and being pregnant or STD checking out.

The charge for IV remedy or a COVID check is $250.

Under the Wellness Services tab, you’ll find showers (half-hour for $35), yoga ($30-60), as properly costs for meditation time, and a wide type of fitness applications.

Current Treat places are Terminal four at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK), Terminal four at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX), and Concourse B at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC).

If you try it out before we do, let us realize what your revel in is like.