A experience to the airport inside the new regular

Missing airports? Us too.

That’s why we masked up and spent some hours at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) remaining week to look what’s new – and what’s no longer.

And to gauge whether or not or now not we’re ready to fly.

(Spoiler alert: we’re now not.)

First, a disclaimer. We went to the airport with a protracted listing of pix to take, capabilities and amenities to check up on, and favourite views and pieces of art to go to.

We’ve been keeping apart at domestic and in our neighborhood, so the crowds (sure, crowds) at the airport ultimate Friday afternoon have been a marvel. So had been every body who were mask-much less and oblivious to social-distancing despite clean signage and perfectly understandable overhead announcements. And, nicely, the kingdom of the arena.

So while we're thrilled to look all the protocols and precautions the airport has tried to install place, we cut the visit quick.

But here are a few notes on what we determined in our native land airport.

Courtesy SEA Airport

As expected, we noticed lots of symptoms reminding people not to flock together and to position on their masks.

We cited too that there are new overhead announcements. Instead of nearby music celebrities and airport officers welcoming us to the airport, there are reminders of fitness-related protocols. Including a request to face inside the center of the step whilst on an escalator.

There are actually vending machines full of non-public protection objects you could want on your journey.

We had supposed to do a little shopping on the airport in a number of our favourite shops. Because – shops! But even as we had been happy to look Ex Officio is open in its new spot and Fireworks Gallery has pleasant minders published at each the doorway and the exit of the present store, we moved alongside to our scheduled appointments.

Cool new lavatory characteristic

We admit it. It was this new rest room function that truely lured us out of the comfort sector of our home and past airport protection.

Although we almost grew to become returned as soon as we noticed how bunched up and pre-COVID disorganized matters had been across the screening machines.

Some other airports around the country already have Tooshlights installed in some restrooms.

But Seattle-Tacoma International Airport just got their first set.

As you could see from the picture, this invention helps you to realize if a restroom stall is open or not. Before COVID, it became appealing because it gets rid of that awkward touching of all of the doorways or peeking under them to discover an empty stall.

Now, the reality that you don’t ought to contact doorways and may without problems see what’s open approach less time spent in an enclosed space. There’s a bonus provider right here too: the locks acquire data on how regularly every door opens and closes, so cleaning cycles can be lined up with use.

A new African-themed menu at the Africa Lounge

Courtesy SEA Airport

We made two other stops within the airport.

One was at the Africa Lounge on Concourse A. The taproom has been here for the reason that about 2005 and is a visual oasis within the busy concourse in addition to a pleasing place to get cocktails and American fare.

Now there’s a brand new reason to stop with the aid of.

The Africa Lounge now has African foods and drinks on the menu, which include sambusas, that are Central African fried pastries packed with spicy beef or vegetables. The sides encompass fried plantains with tangy sauces and jollof rice, that is a West African staple made with tomatoes, peppers, onions, and spices.

The Africa Lounge is also offering a nice selection of South African wines, a handful of African-inspired cocktails, Ethiopian espresso, and an African track playlist.

Courtesy SEA Airport


We desire to go returned and re-visit all of the membership lounges at SEA airport. But on this experience, we stopped into the South Satellite department of The CLUB at SEA to look what’s new and unique.

In addition to plastic partitions on the access and touchless record reviews, the living room is operating at half of-ability, with many seats blocked off. Even the coveted window bar has seating regulations.

Cocktails are nevertheless being served on the cocktail window, but “not anything that needs to be shaken or stirred, such as margaritas,” stated general supervisor Karen Law, “and no olives in martinis for now.”

Newspapers and magazines are long past too. Now visitors can test and add a extensive kind of papers and magazines to telephone or laptops in lots of greater languages than earlier than.

Serve-yourself meals is likewise out, for now, so team of workers members stand prepared at hand guests pre-plated meals and soft beverages from the refrigerator.

Atlanta Int’l Airport testing restroom stop/go lights

Los Angeles Internationl Airport has some ‘smart’ restrooms, now Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International (ATL) has a few too.

As part of its $6 billion modernization software, ATL is trying out technology to improve the restroom ‘enjoy’.

Two pairs of restrooms (at Delta’s Gates B18 & B23), now characteristic  Tooshlights – a device that works like modern parking plenty to mild purple or inexperienced lights (in use/empty) over stalls – and Infax, a system that tracks restroom utilization so janitorial group of workers knows while the distance desires to be cleaned.

Anyone who has ever waited on line in an airport restroom waiting for an empty stall – and all of us who has been in a stall and had a person rattle the door to look if it’s open – will appreaciate the purple mild/inexperienced mild system, mainly when dashing between flights.


Travel Tidbits from Denver and Los Angeles airports

Ending the week with some travel tidbits from airports for you.

Were you hoping that Norbert the Turtle honestly turned into joining the pet therapy program at Denver International Airport? That grew to become out to be an April Fool’s Day joke, but DEN did add their one hundred and first member to their crew.

Not a funny story changed into the statement that Los Angeles International Airport had hooked up Tooshlights in a single set of bathrooms inside the American Airlines Terminal four to guide lav users – through overhead pink and inexperienced lights – to stalls that are open.

LAX also introduced that $4.nine billion contract have been authorised via the Los World Airports (LAWA) Board of Airport Commissioners (BOAC) to layout, construct, finance, function and preserve the Automated People Mover (APM) device on the airport.

The system guarantees driverless trains with the intention to arrive at every station every two minutes, and light-crammed stations with escalators, elevators, and transferring walkways. Bonus facilities encompass a viewing platform of the iconic Theme Building.

When do we be capable of take the teach to LAX? Sometime in 2023.