Tampa International Airport

2 airports are finalists for America’s Best Restroom

The list of the pinnacle 10 finalists for the 2022 America’s Best Restroom contest is out.

And this 12 months restrooms at airports are in the walking to be topped as the high-quality throne within the u . s ..

Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (EWR)

The Terminal B all-gender restroom at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the airport restrooms nominated as an splendid instance of ways groups develop and preserve progressive restroom facilities.

EWR’s new loo is in a 1970’s-technology terminal departure front room. The bathroom’s innovative, gender-neutral design offers “potty parity” and method that extra customers can be accommodated than with a traditional restroom design.

The restroom includes regions for touring companions to attend and for passengers to reorganize their belongings. Local imagery at the glass and tile establishes a experience of area. And sound and heady scent help create a relaxing environment.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

The nominated restrooms at Tampa International Airport (TPA) are on Airside C.

These loos welcome vacationers to a uniquely Florida experience with huge pix. A herbal, deep blue stone with undulating veining is intended to be reminiscent of waves crashing alongside the shore.

“Once internal, big format tiles skin the floors and seamlessly fold up the partitions, bolstering the well-lit surroundings and furthering a ‘freshly cleaned’ aesthetic,” the restroom nomination explains. “A wooden-appearance wall tile adds warmth and softness for a balanced, motel-like experience.”

The vanities in those restrooms additionally offer TPA’s signature “cockpit” concept, which offers every visitor their own sensor-activating sink and soap, non-public paper towel dispensers, and a close-by trash receptacle.

The different nominated public lavatories in this Best Restroom listing consist of the self-cleaning restrooms at North Hollywood Recreation Center; prohibition-themed restrooms in Stone Mountain, GA; and a Japanese pub in Orlando, FL modeled after the green restroom seen in “The Aviator” film.

Here’s the image from the movie:

Here’s a snap from Orlando’s Tori Tori pub.

The public is invited to vote for his or her favorite finalist thru August 31 right here.

Which is your favourite?

Travel Tidbits: Animals at Airports

Update on the large flamingo at Tampa Int’l Airport

The airport artwork group at StuckatTheAirport.com can barely watch for Tampa International Airport to complete the set up of a 21-foot tall sculpture of a flamingo in the important terminal.

When completed the large fowl will seem like lightly dipping its head beneath the water’s surface.

TPA shared the news this week that the 6,0000 pounds of custom-made ceiling panels designed to copy the surface of the water surrounding the flamingo have finally arrived in Tampa from Japan and are being prepared for installation.

On Watch for Wildlife at SEA Airport

Speaking of flora and fauna…

There’s a new exhibit at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) encouraging passengers to assist keep endangered animals round the arena.

The exhibit includes records about endangered animals and unlawful animal trafficking.

Included within the display are examples of confiscated illegally trafficked natural world artifacts alongside sustainable look-alikes.

Look for the show off in SEA’s S Concourse, the departure factor for maximum international flights.

Fun, helpful, quirky news from airports close to you

The social media group at StuckatTheAirport.com is updating our Twitter follow lists this week.

Here are some of the a laugh, useful, informative, and just simple cute airport tweets we spotted nowadays.

Dark skies, unfastened pins & a large flamingo

A Big Bird for Tampa International Airport

A flamingo sculpture by using Matthew Mazzotta depicting a flamingo lightly dipping its head beneath the floor of the water is being set up within the middle of rhe essential terminal at Tampa International Airport. (TPA).

Don’t fear – you could’t omit it. The sculpure is pink, 21-toes tall, and its giant head, neck, beak, and legs are already in vicinity near The Shoppes at Bayshore. The sculpture is predicted to be completed over the next few weeks.

LAX, different airports flip off mild for Earth Hour

Saturday, March 25, cities, attractions, hotels, and airports across the usa marked Earth Hour by means of turning off non-critical electric lighting, for one hour.

Get pinned at PHL Airport

PHL Airport is celebrating the restart of worldwide flights to several locations this week via handing out collectible pins to mark the day.

We’re trying to determine out a way to book the ones flights so we are able to nab some pins…

Who left this rat at Norway’s Bergen Airport?

You can also observe the heartwarming news and social media posts about airports working difficult to reunite left in the back of crammed animals with their rightful owners.

Like the tale of 5-yr-old Ezekiel, who turned into reunited with the teddy undergo he left in the back of at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) remaining month.

Or, the tale that possibly started out the heartwarming “airports is going-all-out-to-reunite filled animal with baby” fashion. Back in 2015, Tampa International Airport took a crammed tiger named Hobbes on an airport journey before sending Hobbes home.

We love these stories.

So, when making our manner via Norway’s Bergen Airport (BGO) last week at about 5 am we did a double-take while had been spotted a crammed rat taped to a lane put up.

It was very early inside the morning. But we did observe that Bergen Airport is spotless. So it didn’t appear probably that the filled rat was there as a social remark. Nor did it appear like an reliable guidepost to point travelers to their gates.

So all we could conclude turned into that this crammed rat were left in the back of via a small child. And that it is able to soon show up on Bergen Airport’s social media feed on the lookout for its proprietor.

We’ll check again to look.

Other amenities noticed at Bergen Airport

Besides the crammed rat, there are a few other sights at Bergen Airport that made us smile.

The signal for the rest room employs the tough-to-miss common symbols for “gotta pass, now.”

And the kids’ play place in the foremost terminal area has this a laugh hopscotch board with an plane, of course, inside the pinnacle field.

Have you noticed a cool amenity (or a crammed rat) and an airport? Send us a photograph and we’ll attempt to encompass it in a destiny post on Airport Search.