Surf's Up!

Short films, courtesy the SFO Museum

While tourists are returning to airports, now not all facilities are returned up and jogging pretty but.

That consists of SFO Museum’s Video Arts screening room at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

But that doesn’t mean you could watch some first-rate brief films. The SFO Museum is curating themed programming from its archives that all people can watch on line – within the airport or now not.

For the month of July, the quick films are all about the importance of own family. The four movies within the collection are below,

SFO Museum also has a splendid archive of its modern-day and beyond exhibitions on line, Flight Patterns – Airline Uniforms from the Nineteen Sixties – 70s, Surf’s Up! Instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Early American Motorcycles.

SFO Museum Aviation Exhibition Alisa Eagleston, Conservator