Spirit Airlines

JetBlue inks deal to buy Spirit Airlines

Big news within the airline global. JetBlue is buying Spirit Airlines. Price tag: $three.eight billion.

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More April Fools’ Day aviation news

In addition to this listing of April 1 travel tidbits sharing April Fools’ Day bulletins from WestJet, Richard Branson and Denver International Airport, you have to recognise about those April Fools’ Day announcements.

Southwest Airlines released a video saying “all of the other men are doing it,” so they had been beginning a “bag price bandwagon bonanza” based on bag colour.


Virgin Australia introduced a unique pre-flight living room for pets.


Qantas Airways posted a note on its Facebook web page announcing a slight trade in the spelling of the service’s name:

Putting ‘U’ in QANTAS! So excited to these days be including a ‘U’ into our call, QANTAS, to well known all of our passengers worldwide. Look out for the QUANTAS call alternate as of noon today!”


Delta Air Lines introduced it might start serving a model of its famous Biscoff cookies – made with kale.

Spirit Airlines introduced Spirit Superiority Boarding at all U.S. airport places.

Because “the boarding procedure for maximum airways may be prolonged, confusing, and albeit insulting…these new boarding processes will clear things up,” the airline stated it a statement announcing a new line-up of boarding priorities that starts with gluten-free customers, participants of the Illuminati, those with O-bad blood type and ends with people who eat kale and, ultimately… every person else.

And, in Seattle, the Museum of Flight announced plans for including real personality to some reveals.

“Traditionally, an aerospace museum accessions an plane or spacecraft at the end of its carrier lifestyles to preserve and defend it for the enlightenment of destiny generations,” said museum spokesman Ted Huetter, “we now goal to treat the humans in aerospace the same way. It’s that easy. And way to recent advances inside the artwork of preserving human tissue, the exhibition of an aviator isn't any exclusive from that of an old propeller or clock.”

Huetter noted that the museum has planes relationship lower back to the Nineteen Twenties and Thirties and that there are humans alive these days who flew in these planes. “When they skip away we will reunite them with the plane for all time,” he stated.

Spirit Airlines: inviting venting & making crop circles

Hate how you’re treated by using airlines?

Many vacationers have horror tales to share or an airline they specifically like to hate.

Low-value carrier Spirit Airlines, one of the most complained-approximately airways inside the industry, is attempting to harness that hate (and generate publicity) with a campaign inviting tourists to vent about any airline, such as Spirit, in up to one hundred forty characters.

“We want to alternate the manner humans think about air journey and teach them about the Spirit manner of visiting,” said Ben Baldanza, Spirit’s CEO, in a declaration. “We’re going to Hug The Haters.”

Each “venter” who participates in Spirit’s Hate Thousand Miles Giveaway will get hold of eight,000 of the airline’s frequent-flier miles, which is ready 2,000 miles brief of a loose flight. They should have or join up for a Spirit Airlines mileage account. Travelers who've the airline’s credit score card can use those miles closer to several loose flights.

The promoting will quit as soon as the airline gives away a billion miles.

“So far, there’s been lots of venting approximately delays, weather and all of the issues you’d have on almost any airline,” stated Paul Berry, Spirit Airlines spokesman.

Spirit Airlines is known for its a-los angeles-carte, unbundled menu of charging prices for the entirety from pre-assigned seats to printing out a boarding bypass at the airport. The airline has also come below criticism for a number of its offbeat and, at times, off-shade classified ads gambling on scandals inside the news.

Right now there’s a crop circle in a subject next to Kansas City International Airport within the form of a man masking his privates. No Spirit Airlines emblem is gift in the crop circle, however there are “Bare Fare” billboards up around the airport.


“The crop circle was created to sell our completely stripped down Bare Fares and the fact that we’ll be beginning carrier to and from Kansas City in August,” stated Berry.

While the discern within the crop circle has no garments, he does appear to have a suitcase of a few kind beside him. And unless that convey-on will healthy underneath the seat, Spirit Airlines could fee crop circle man as much as $one hundred to test his bag.

(My tale approximately Spirit Airlines first appeared on NBC News Travel)

Spirit Airlines americathe ante: will charge $a hundred for deliver-on baggage

Spirit Airlines is being definitely imply-lively now.

On Monday the airline introduced that, beginning on November 6, passengers who wait until they get to the boarding gate to pay the airline’s charge for checking a chunk of bags or wearing it onto the plane pays $100 in line with bag.

Passengers can pay decrease bags charges by means of paying in advance within the system, inclusive of on-line , on the smartphone or at an airline kiosk. but there’s no way around paying something to carry-on or take a look at a piece of luggage.

Spirit is the airline that advertises actually low fares however regularly surprises unsuspecting customers with hefty introduced prices for everything from seat assignments to onb0ard drinks.  Beginning October 31, 2012, the airline may also start charging a $2 price for printing a boarding skip at an airline kiosk. (Since January there’s been a $five price to have a boarding pass published by using an agent at the airport.)

Spirit claims that setting apart out those – and a plethora of other prices – “empowers clients to store cash on air travel.” You determine.

Here’s the new chart of expenses for luggage

For now passengers flying on a Spirit Airlines flight aren't charged a fee for taking aboard one personal item that fits beneath the seat.

To the moon or to the center of the earth

I’m positive I’ll have to update this come Sunday morning, however lengthy earlier than April 1, 2012 rolled round in my time region, I made a few April Fools’ Day sightings.

From the Republic of Vanuatu comes word that Richard Branson has launched “Virgin Volacanic” a good way to take travelers to the middle of the earth

“Using patented carbon-carbon materials pioneered for deep area exploration, Virgin is proud to announce a progressive new vehicle, VVS1, with the intention to be capable of plunging 3 human beings into the molten lava middle of an lively volcano.”

First up (or must I say down) is Etna – Sicily, Italy, accompanied through:
• Stromboli – Aeolian Islands
• Yasur – Republic of Vanuatu
• Ambrym – Republic of Vanuatu
• Tinakula – Solomon Islands

The first journeys are scheduled for 2015. More info right here.

Also, we've got information from WestJet approximately a kids-free flying experience:

Details of Kargo Kids, inclusive of reserving facts and a easy, smooth-to-apprehend demonstration video, is available at the WestJet internet site

Air New Zealand announced “STRAIGHTUP Fares” for the ones willing to fly while status inside the aisle preserving onto a hand bar.

And Spirit Airlines, ever the prankster, announced $nine (every manner) flights to the moon.