SFO International Airport

Short movies, courtesy the SFO Museum

While travelers are returning to airports, not all amenities are again up and strolling quite but.

That consists of SFO Museum’s Video Arts screening room at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

But that doesn’t imply you can watch a few top notch short movies. The SFO Museum is curating themed programming from its files that all people can watch online – in the airport or now not.

For the month of July, the quick films are all approximately the significance of family. The 4 films within the series are under,

SFO Museum additionally has a incredible archive of its contemporary and beyond exhibitions online, Flight Patterns – Airline Uniforms from the Sixties – 70s, Surf’s Up! Instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Early American Motorcycles.

SFO Museum Aviation Exhibition Alisa Eagleston, Conservator

National Book Lovers Day

Nashville once had a supermarket library department

Book fans everywhere have fun National Book Lovers Day on August 9.

Traveling and books pass together. And one detail of travel we’re missing is the pride of purchasing a ebook on the airport and studying it cowl to cover on an extended flight.

Although some can be closed briefly because of fitness worries, there are complete-fledged bookstores we are searching for out at airports.

Sometimes we make certain to arrive early or e-book long layovers to make certain we've got time to browse.

We’re fond of the first rate reads located in San Francisco International Airport at Compass Books and at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on the nonetheless-new department of the Elliot Bay Book Company.

And we hoping for a go back go to to Renaissance Books at Milwaukee’s Mitchell International Airport (MKE), among others.

But, unluckily, a few airport bookstores might not reopen after the pandemic.

Already Powell’s Books is permanently shuttering each its kiosk and book shop at Portland International Airport (PDX) after a 30-year run.

But we’re confident tourists will nevertheless be able to locate some thing extraordinary to examine in airport bookshops for flights within the future.

So, to mark National Book Lovers Day today, we’re imagining a go to to Nashville International Airport (BNA) within the days when it turned into domestic to each a library and a analyzing room.

Do you've got a fave airport book shop or ebook switch? Tell us about it within the feedback phase under.

Fresh art at SFO and PDX airports

If you’re touring through San Fransisco International Airport or Portland International Airport every time soon, maintain an eye fixed out for brand new artwork.

Courtesy Sticky Co.

At Portland International Airport’s Concourse D, look up to look Portaurora, a new everlasting artwork piece by Sticky Co., a Portland- and Amsterdam-based artist group.

This is an interactive installation: as travelers skip beneath they’ll see colours and hear sounds inspired by way of the Northern Lights.

“Although this is on the whole a technology-pushed challenge, we introduced a easy element – applying glitter to the ceiling – to decorate the aurora effect,” says Andrew Haddock, who leads the Sticky Co. team. “We wanted passengers to revel in a chunk of a surprise as they skip through the gap.”

At SFO Airport, the SFO Museum’s most up-to-date exhibition is all approximately artisan-made surfboards.

Longyboard – Dudley “Hap” Jacobs. Courtesy SFO Museum.

This exhibition capabilities twenty-seven wooden surfboards made with the aid of surfboard artists – or “shapers” – that display the development of surfboard design. Included are boards crafted from rare woods that constitute browsing’s historical history, forums that represent designs famous inside the early Sixties and surfboard shapes quality for paddling into massive waves.

The SFO Museum’s new exhibition: “Reflections in Wood: Surfboards & Shapers” may be on show within the pre-safety area of the International Terminal at SFO International Airport via August four, 2019.

Hot Curl – through Donald Takayama. Courtesy SFO Museum