Sexual harassment

Stop harassing the flight attendants


We didn’t need the #MeToo motion to know that flight attendants are often subjected to verbal and bodily sexual harassment at the task.

But allow’s desire the #MeToo motion – and the current survey of more than 3,500 flight attendants at 29 special airline via the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA – puts a prevent to it.

According to the study, greater than -thirds of flight attendants inside the U.S. have skilled sexual harassment in the course of their flying careers.

More than one-in-three flight attendants say they have skilled verbal sexual harassment from passengers, and almost one-in-5 have experienced bodily sexual harassment from passengers inside the ultimate year on my own.

What’s being accomplished about it? Not enough.

While Alaska, United, and even Spirit have taken some step to cope with the difficulty, 68 percentage of flight attendants say they saw no efforts by way of airlines to cope with workplace sexual harassment over the last year.

“While an awful lot of the coverage of the #MeToo movement has targeted on excessive-profile instances within the enjoyment enterprise and politics, this survey underscores why AFA has lengthy been pushing to remove sexism and harassment within our personal industry,” stated Sara Nelson, AFA President. “The time whilst flight attendants were objectified in airline marketing and people joked approximately ‘espresso, tea, or me’ needs to be permanently grounded. #TimesUp for the enterprise to put an cease to its sexist beyond.”

Here’s more detail from the survey effects:

*35 percent of flight attendants skilled verbal sexual harassment from passengers within the closing year. Of the ones, 68 percentage confronted it three or extra instances, and a third 5 or extra instances inside the past 12 months.

Flight attendants defined the verbal sexual harassment as feedback which might be “nasty, undesirable, lewd, crude, beside the point, uncomfortable, sexual, suggestive, and dirty.”

*18 percent of flight attendants skilled bodily sexual harassment from passengers in the remaining year. More than 40% of these suffered physical abuse three or greater times. This form of harassment covered having their breasts, buttocks and crotch place “touched, felt, pulled, grabbed, groped, slapped, rubbed, and fondled” each on pinnacle of and underneath their uniforms. Other abuse protected passengers cornering or lunging at them followed by means of undesirable hugs, kisses and humping.

*Only 7 percentage of the flight attendants who experienced abuse have said sexual harassment to their company. More frequently, flight attendants stated they reply to verbal and sexual harassment with the aid of averting the passenger, without delay addressing the passenger about their conduct or using every other method to attempt to diffuse or deflect the state of affairs.