Bigfoot has moved right into a small Oregon airport is a huge fan of airport mascots. And Redmond Municipal Airport now has a virtually massive one.

Central Oregon is high Bigfoot (or Sasquatch)-searching usa. And the newest resident at Redmond Municipal Airport (RDM) offers every person an awesome observe the ever-elusive creature that tourists wish one day to peer.

More than 6-toes tall, this Sasquatch creature toting a crimson suitcase arrived at RDM just remaining week and he/she/it's going to continue to be within the terminal for the foreseeable future.

Because, truly, who is going to tell a creature that looks as if that to transport alongside?

RDM hopes visitors will take selfies with the newly-arrived Sasquatch. And in addition they wish tourists will publish those selfies to the airport’s Facebook web page and/or proportion their pics via Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #RDMYeti, #centraloregonsasquatch or #FLYRDM.

And for those who would like to take domestic a Bigfoot memento beyond a photograph, the 2 airport present stores have lots of first-rate options.

Here are snaps of a number of our favorite Bigfoot gifts. Beyond t-shirts and a remarkable Sasquatch bottle opener, the alternatives encompass a great addition to our growing collection of airport chocolate ‘poop’ souvenirs.

Please be on the alert for a first rate statue, mascot or memento at any airport you bypass via. If you see some thing that’s fun and really nearby, please snap a photograph and ship it alongside. If your photo is featured on our Souvenir Sunday characteristic, we’ll send you a cool tour-themed souvenir.

Sasquatch noticed at Sea-Tac Int’l Airport

Travelers have been seeking to get a glimpse of the storied however elusive Sasquatch – or Bigfoot – for ages.

Now he’s easy to identify at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.


Several Hudson stores I stopped into the day before today had large Sasquatch shows with t-shirts, mugs, crammed animals and, my favored class of kitschy souvenirs: sweet Sasquatch ‘poop.’

SEA Sasquatch Poop

Greetings from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

I actually have manner too many souvenir coffee mugs at my residence and feature put a moratorium on shopping for or accepting any more.

But I may additionally should make an exception for this one I noticed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) Sunday morning on my way to Las Vegas, which depicts Big Foot (or Sasquatch) as looking lots like Curious George.




Traveling in search of mythical creatures

Courtesy, International Crytoozoology Museum in Maine, Gordon Chibroski

Monsters don’t simply stay beneath beds and in closets. Many vacationers and cryptozoologists – humans whose take a look at of creatures consists of some that can have no longer but been demonstrated to exist –say Bigfoot and his mythical brethren are available; you just need to understand where to appearance.

Here are some of the creatures I discovered for a Strange Sightings slide display on Bing Travel:

Sasquatch/Big Foot

Sasquatch footstep castings, from the Northwest Museum of Legends and Lore

He’s big, furry and shy. Not your Uncle Jack; but the ape-like beings referred to as Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, said to roam the woods in Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. Bigfoot hunters claim they’ve amassed the entirety from Sasquatch film footage to hair samples, footprints and droppings left in the back of through the beast. But while the Big Foot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) has information of Sasquatch sightings in nearly each nation –extra than 500 in Washington on my own – so far no person captured this type of creatures.

Sighting tip: Spot a Sasquatch? Keep your distance. At least Washington State counties are legit Big Foot shelter regions wherein hurting or slaying a Sasquatch is punishable through hefty fines, prison sentences or each.

Mothman statue, Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Mothman: Point Pleasant, West Virginia

Reports of a strange being defined as fowl-like and fashioned like a man, however tons bigger, with pink eyes, a screeching voice and a wingspan of possibly eight ft, started out surfacing in Point Pleasant,West Virginia in the mid-1960s. Dubbed “Mothman,” this creature went directly to be featured as a character in books, video games, TV show episodes and films, which includes The Mothman Prophecies (2002), with Richard Gere. Today, downtown Point Pleasant sports activities a Mothman Museum and, in Gunn Park, a shiny mothman-statue.

Sightings tip: Mothman fans collect in Point Pleasant every Fall for the yearly Mothman Festival in which activities include guest audio system, movie screenings and the Miss Mothman Pageant.


Early Canadian First Nations humans known as the creature said to be residing in Lake Okanagan ‘N’ha-a-tik.’ But as years went through, the aspect witnesses swore was a sea serpent with a horse-like head, and which tune penned in 1924 known as “a pass among a pollywog and a whale,” became referred to as Ogopogo. Residents and visitors to British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley nevertheless preserve their eyes peeled Ogopogo and record some sightings a yr.

Sightings tip: A statue of Ogogopo may be visible in Kerry Park, in Kelowna, B.C.

Fairies, Yetis, Nessie and other mythical creatures the following day…