Qantas has a amusing new protection video

Qantas Airways is celebrating its one hundredth anniversary with some traditional throwback movement.

First up is this new in-flight safety video proposing ‘80s mullets, ‘70s moustaches, Nineteen Forties flying boats and Nineteen Twenties propeller aircraft.

The protection video briefing functions modern-day Qantas crew contributors in cautiously recreated ancient settings onboard plane and in airport terminals.

Qantas has additionally prepare an exhibition showcasing the past, gift and future of the airline, with artifacts, life-sized replicas and interactive installations.

The exhibition may be travelling Australia for the next 12 months, but here are more than one highlights that appear pretty cool.

This is a replica of a Qantas 747 First Class Lounge from the 1970s.

Qantas authentic B747 Seventies Lounge

And this is one of the scrapbooks that belonged to Qantas co-founder Fergus McMaster.

Think your final flight was lengthy? Check out this Qantas flight

The next time you experience antsy on a protracted flight, assume approximately how a great deal longer your flight will be.

Qantas just took a huge step towards creating a everyday non-stop commercial flight so one can last 20 hours.

Over the weekend, Qantas operated a unique flight from New York to Sydney that spent 19 hours sixteen minutes within the air.

While technically the first non-commercial flight to take this long, the aircraft carried just forty nine passengers and team.

And quite lots every body participated in a number of experiments to peer how the sort of long flight impacts health, well-being and, no doubt, sanity.

Testing, Testing

Passengers in this flight had been equipped with wearable technology gadgets that numerous measurements at some stage in the flight.

And those devices ranged from tracking pilot brain waves, melatonin tiers and alertness and the price of website hosting workout training for passengers.

Cabin lights and in-flight food were also adjusted in approaches that are predicted to assist reduce jetlag.

Scientists and medical examiners from the Charles Perkins Centre are collecting and the use of statistics from this flight – and others – to monitor all styles of things: sleep patterns, meals and beverage consumption, lighting, bodily movement and inflight entertainment to evaluate the log flight’s impact on fitness, wellness and frame clock.

And Qantas says records from those experiments can be used help form the crew rostering and customer support of Qantas’ extremely-lengthy-haul flights within the destiny.

Most extensively, they’re specializing in Project Sunrise, Qantas’ plan to function normal, non-stop commercial flights from the east coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne) to London and New York.

Before it comes to a decision to make these amazing-lengthy Project Sunrise flights everlasting, Qantas will run extra research flights as a part of its Project Sunrise reviews: London to Sydney in November and another New York to Sydney in December.

Would you take a flight that lasts nearly 20 hours?

Face it: Sydney Airport & Qantas checking out facial recognition


Sydney Airport and release companion Qantas Airways are trying out a application that allows passengers to use their faces as identity.

The trial will follow to choose worldwide flights and encompass 4 steps inside the passenger journey: automated check-in, bag drop, front room get admission to and boarding. In the future they will upload facial reputation to mobile take a look at-in and automatic border processing.

Sydney Airport CEO Geoff Culbert said the trial is a part of a broader attention on investing in generation to make the airport revel in simpler and more convenient for passengers.

“In the destiny, there can be no extra juggling passports and luggage at check-in and digging through wallet or smartphones to reveal your boarding pass – your face can be your passport and your boarding skip at every step of the manner.”

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Vanessa Hudson stated the airline turned into focused on increasing using technology to pressure innovation for customers.

“One of our center commitments at Qantas is to make tour as attractive, handy and enjoyable as possible,” Hudson said.

Facial recognition is in use – on each a tribulation and normal use – for diverse steps of the airport adventure at increasingly more airports around the world, together with Singapore’s Changi Airport, which makes use of facial recognition for bag check-in, boarding and (for some passengers) immigration in Terminal four and Orlando International Airport, which recently introduced its commitment to processing all arriving and departing international tourists with facial popularity technology.

Qantas surveying passengers approximately napping bunks and exercise zones

You may additionally bear in mind the current buzz approximately the layout Airbus floated for placing drowsing berths inside the shipment keep of an plane as a manner for economy elegance passengers to get some actual relaxation at some stage in a long haul flight.

Qantas, which has challenged both Airbus and Boeing to build a plane it could use for ultra-lengthy haul  flights from the east coast of Australia to London and New York, likes that idea and has it on a listing of ‘blue sky’ capabilities blanketed in a survey the airline is sending out to approximately 12,000 of its frequent flyers.

The survey is part of the airline’s “Project Sunrise” research into ultra-long haul flying and on the Qantas listing are such “Would you want?” features as:

  • A stretch/workout region on board
  • A communal bar, eating or self-provider café area
  • A work & take a look at phase including work stations
  • “Change and refresh” stations
  • A creche

A creche? To me that describes Christmas nativity scenes, which regarded like an peculiar object to consist of on an extended-haul flight. But when I looked up that word I discovered creche is likewise a British phrase for a nursery, or day care middle.

And on an extended-haul flight – or even many brief ones – I suppose maximum any vacationer might vote for that!



Sydney, Australia is complete of clowns

Business class seat or no longer (and thank-you once more, Qantas for the commercial enterprise magnificence seat), if your journey from domestic for your vacation spot take 20 hours or more you want a few ‘wow’ on the floor.

And Sydney, Australia is delivering.

A hike along the sandstone cliffes from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach, in the suburbs of the city, become “surftastic.”

And Luna Park – a Nineteen Thirties-generation leisure park on the northern shore of Sydney Harbor – was packed with conventional rides, wonderful arcade attractions and masses of clowns.


More soon.