Newark-Liberty International Airport

2 airports are finalists for America’s Best Restroom

The list of the pinnacle 10 finalists for the 2022 America’s Best Restroom contest is out.

And this year restrooms at two airports are in the jogging to be crowned because the quality throne within the u . s ..

Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (EWR)

The Terminal B all-gender restroom at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the airport restrooms nominated as an outstanding example of ways businesses develop and maintain modern restroom centers.

EWR’s new loo is in a 1970’s-technology terminal departure living room. The lavatory’s innovative, gender-impartial layout offers “potty parity” and means that extra users may be accommodated than with a conventional restroom layout.

The restroom consists of regions for visiting companions to wait and for passengers to reorganize their belongings. Local imagery on the glass and tile establishes a feel of location. And sound and scent assist create a relaxing environment.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

The nominated restrooms at Tampa International Airport (TPA) are on Airside C.

These bogs welcome travelers to a uniquely Florida enjoy with massive photographs. A natural, deep blue stone with undulating veining is supposed to be paying homage to waves crashing alongside the shore.

“Once internal, large format tiles pores and skin the floors and seamlessly fold up the partitions, bolstering the nicely-lit environment and furthering a ‘freshly cleaned’ aesthetic,” the restroom nomination explains. “A wooden-appearance wall tile provides warmth and softness for a balanced, hotel-like feel.”

The vanities in those restrooms also provide TPA’s signature “cockpit” idea, which offers every visitor their personal sensor-activating sink and cleaning soap, private paper towel dispensers, and a close-by trash receptacle.

The different nominated public bathrooms in this Best Restroom list consist of the self-cleaning restrooms at North Hollywood Recreation Center; prohibition-themed restrooms in Stone Mountain, GA; and a Japanese pub in Orlando, FL modeled after the inexperienced restroom seen in “The Aviator” movie.

Here’s the photo from the movie:

Here’s a snap from Orlando’s Tori Tori pub.

The public is invited to vote for his or her favored finalist thru August 31 right here.

Which is your favourite?

Travel Tidbits from Airports Near You

Flooding at EWR Airport

Awful flooding photographs from the Northeast Wednesday evening. This one indicates flooding inner Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR).

More airports getting robots to help supply meals

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) now has a -wheeled, semiautonomous robotic named NomNom helping to deliver meals and beverage ordered on-line as a part of the application.

NomNom is a shipment robot that could bring up to 40 kilos of food at a time. It follows at the back of transport staff from AtYourGate, which gives you food ordered thru LAX Order Now. The robotic can circulate at quickens to 6 mph and makes use of a sequence of cameras and sensors to apprehend and comply with its handler during the airport.

Alaska Airlines’ New Lounge at SFO

The new Alaska Airlines lounge in Terminal 2 at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has a few amenities we’re very worrying to look in individual. In addition to serving Bay Area brews and wines from nearby vineyards, the living room has a sourdough toast cart (!), a sweet bar that consists of Ghirardelli chocolate, Jelly Belly beans, and custom fortune cookies from Oakland Fortune Cookie Factory. There’s even a San Francisco Giants-themed children’s play area. The pictures under are from Alaska Airlines; we’re going to ought to go to in man or woman to get our very own.

At the airport: snakes, Prince and plastic bottles

A new shop referred to as “Prince” is selling merchandise related to the late musician referred to as Prince within the south give up of the mall at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP).

The concessionaire (Airport Retail Group) says it labored intently with Prince’s estate to ensure all merchandise are the proper coloration of crimson.

What’s on the market inside the Prince keep? Apparel, souvenirs, CDs, LPs, and images books. Also: tickets to Paisley Park, Prince’s private estate in production complex in Chanhassen, southwest of Minneapolis.

MSP’s Prince save also shows Prince memorabilia, plays Prince track and has a massive financial institution of screens showcasing Prince’s track films.

Snakes on the Airport

Courtesy TSA

TSA reviews that this innocent 15-inch ring-necked snake turned into left behind at the safety checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport on Monday, August 19.

“It’s not unusual for vacationers to accidentally leave items on the checkpoint,” said TSA’s New Jersey Federal Security Director Tom Carter. “Typically humans leave gadgets inclusive of their keys, shades, ID, hats and gloves, but this is the first time a person has left a snake behind. We have a fairly robust lost and located software that reunites passengers with their lost objects, however this passenger doesn’t need to call us approximately his snake.”

Watch the water at SFO

And the ban on unmarried use plastic water bottles has long gone into effect at San Francisco International Airport (SFO). A proper solution? Bring your own refillable bottle and use the airport’s loose water bottle fill up stations.

TSA officer dance-off with tiny traveller

Check out this amusing dance-off among a young traver and a TSA officer at Newark Liberty International Airport. Thev video was published on the TSA’s Instagram account and has gone viral.

Take a look.

Last week, as Transportation Security Officer(TSO) Joshua McCall had completed the screening of a circle of relatives on their manner out of Newark’s EWR, a toddler busted out the Floss Dance. TSO McCall complimented the younger man on his capabilities which caused the child challenging him to a dance struggle! As you may see from the video, fun broke out. Who do you believe you studied received the dance off? … Newark TSA Federal Security Director, Tom Carter, took the undertaking one step beyond and stated: “After ensuring all are steady as they enter the air transportation community, our Officers can be happy to simply accept any dance challenges from passengers.” … In different phrases, #ItsOn!!! … #EWR #FlossDance #TSAEWRFlossChallenge

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This isn’t the first time a TSA officer with a experience of amusing turned into stuck on tape.

Here’s a video published some time returned of an officer matching the movements of a young tourist at Orlando International Airport.

TSA’s Instagram account is exceptionally well-followed, now and again alarming and regularly exciting ( if corny) feed. Here are few examples:

Did you already know that sawblades are prohibited in bring-on luggage. Yep. This one become discovered in a deliver-on bag on the Atlanta airport. … Speaking of saw blades, we assume we “noticed” a feline. Probably because it’s #InternationalCatDay! Sorry approximately that horrible segue, however we had to cut to the chase come what may. … Have you constantly wanted to journey along with your cat, however you’ve been afraid to ask how? Has your cat got your tongue? Even in case you’re too much of a scaredy-cat to ask, we’re going to give you the rundown right meow. … Checkpoint Screening: … Check along with your airline first to inquire about any prices and regulations. … Your cat will want to be screened thru checkpoint screening if it’s traveling with you in the cabin of the plane. … We do now not X-ray cats or every other pets. However, there were many events where passengers have assumed their cat needed to undergo the X-ray. You can consider the surprise of the X-ray operator after they noticed Felix’s skeleton roll throughout their reveal. It isn't an uncommon incidence. In this situation, it’s not frowned upon to allow the cat out of the bag. Your cat will want to come out of its service, so it’s a terrific idea to know how your cat will react. Many a cat has long gone into a feline frenzy after being eliminated from its provider. An angry cat is never an amazing element. Especially while you’re in a restricted region in which there isn’t sufficient room to swing a cat. … The checkpoint is a noisy environment that could cause your cat to escape at its first possibility. This happens with human beings every so often as well. Your cat can be carried through the stroll thru metallic detector or walked via on leash in case your cat isn’t too cussed to do that. If your cat triggers an alarm, considered one of our officials will have to take a more in-depth appearance. Cats aren't screened with the body scanners, if you had been wondering. … Checked Baggage: … If your cat is journeying in a kennel, your airline will set up for a TSA Officer to display screen the kennel. Officers will want to look into your kennel/service for prohibited objects with you gift. Sometimes this can be done visually, but every now and then, the TSA officer will ask you to get rid of your puppy from the service.

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Sometimes, air tour can make you a touch crabby. … #ThrowbackThursday to July 27, 2017 at the Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). … There’s no sidestepping it. This crusty critter was in a pinch. Nothing is called to how or why he become there, but there he become. Alone. In a bowl. In Boston. He were scuttled by means of his human. There is not any “relaxation of the tale” right here. We don’t have any records of the event other than this photo. … Now we imagine you’re questioning if you may travel with crabs. You can! Crabs are allowed in deliver-on and checked baggage. We’ll display screen them, but it’s strongly advocated which you touch your airline for any specific hints or packaging requirements. … #RandomFact – Abandoned crabs can grow to be in hot water.

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Which airport boasts certainly one of world’s largest tequila bars?

Today – July 24 – is National Tequila Day and if you happen to be passing via Newark Liberty International Airport today you can rejoice in United Terminal C at the bar correctly named Tacquila – which claims to be one of the biggest and maximum one of a kind tequila bars within the world.

Operated by means of OTG – the individuals who brought pill-ordering to airports – Tacquila functions over a hundred and fifty tequila bottles, including rare and ultra-luxury brands along with Clase Azul Ultra Anejo and Casa Dragones Joven.

Several different airports, including Charlotte Douglas International (which has a Tequileria in the artrium), have tequila-themed bars, but you’ll discover tequila on the shelf at maximum each airport bar.

So drink up – but be accountable about it.