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Travel Tidbits from Airports Near You

Airlines Fined for Not Giving Refunds on Time

On Monday, the Transportation Department fined a half of-dozen airways greater than $7 million for failing to provide well timed refunds to clients.

The DOT stated the six airways have additionally now together paid extra than half of one thousand million bucks to people who have been owed a refund because of a canceled or extensively modified flight.

Frontier Airlines is the simplest U.S. airline on the list. And it got the largest first-class: $2.2 million. According to the DOT, the airline has issued $222 million in refunds.

Here’s a listing of the alternative airlines fined and the amount of refunds they're required to pay:

The fines assessed and the specified refunds furnished are: 

  • Air India – $121.five million in required refunds paid and a $1.4 million penalty 
  • TAP Portugal – $126.five million in required refunds paid and a $1.1 million penalty 
  • Aeromexico – $13.6 million in required refunds paid and a $900,000 penalty 
  • El Al – $61.9 million in required refunds paid and a $900,000 penalty 
  • Avianca – $76.eight million in required refunds paid and a $750,000 penalty 

You Can Now Take the Metro to Dulles International Airport

With the outlet of the lengthy-awaited Silver Line Metrorail station at Dulles International Airport (IAD) on Tuesday, tourists and airport employees can now take the educate without delay to Dulles from downtown Washington, D.C.

The new station at Dulles is attached to the principle terminal with the aid of an indoor pedestrian tunnel with shifting sidewalks. Transit time from Metro Center in downtown D.C. is envisioned at 53 minutes. And, relying on while you trip and where you get entry to Metrorail, the fare could be between $2 and $6. Trains will depart the Dulles Silver Line station approximately each 15 minutes.

Courtesy Mamava

Mamava Lactation Pod Doubles as Art Gallery

You’ve possibly observed Mamava lactation pods shooting up at airports.

Now the sort of pods has been established at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Located under the foyer escalators at the Museum’s floor ground, the unfastened-to-use pod no longer only gives a personal, cushty area for mother and father to pump or breastfeed, this one doubles as a gallery space.

Courtesy Mamava

The indoors of the pod features reproductions of artworks by referred to artist Betye Saar, consisting of Anticipation (1961), which depicts the artist pregnant with her 0.33 child, In the Sunflower Patch (1963), and Flight (1963), depicting the early years of her daughter’s lifestyles. There’s also a quote by using Saar within the pod, in which she reflects on motherhood, birthing, and her printmaking exercise. 

Great idea, right? Maybe airports will add art to their Mamava lactation pods too.

In addition to museums and airports, Mamava now has lactation pods in train stations, company workplaces, schools, hospitals, army bases, retail, universities, sports stadiums, and zoos. You can find them with a free locator app.