Short movies, courtesy the SFO Museum

While vacationers are returning to airports, not all amenities are back up and jogging pretty yet.

That includes SFO Museum’s Video Arts screening room at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

But that doesn’t suggest you can watch some terrific short films. The SFO Museum is curating themed programming from its documents that each person can watch on line – inside the airport or no longer.

For the month of July, the fast films are all about the importance of circle of relatives. The 4 films inside the series are below,

SFO Museum additionally has a superb archive of its contemporary and past exhibitions on-line, Flight Patterns – Airline Uniforms from the Sixties – 70s, Surf’s Up! Instrumental Rock ‘n’ Roll, and Early American Motorcycles.

SFO Museum Aviation Exhibition Alisa Eagleston, Conservator

SFO Museum gives Early American Motorcycles

Flying Merkel dual-cylinder racer 1912- courtesy SFO Museum

If we are able to’t fly everywhere proper now, how about a journey on a bike?

A new exhibition through the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) explores the history of motorcycling from the Nineties to 1915. On show are fourteen bikes that had been made previous to 1916, uncommon engines, and snap shots from the pioneering generation of motorcycling.

Harley-Davidson Model 6  1910 – Courtesy SFO Museum

From the exhibition notes:

Along with the auto, the bike became one of the earliest and maximum thrilling programs of every other new invention, the fuel-powered internal combustion engine. Motorcycle generation progressed swiftly during the early 1900s, and as motorcycling won traction, using evolved from a novelty to a hobby, recreation, and reliable source of transportation. By the 1910s, there had been approximately a hundred motorbike producers within the United States, all vying for patron interest with exceptional attributes and designs.

Today, early American motorcycles are prized with the aid of collectors around the world who showcase their bikes on antique rides, endurance runs, and at special events.

Here are a few pictures of the motorcycles on show inside the Early American Motorcycles exhibition in the International Terminal of San Francisco International Airport. The exhibition may be on view thru September 19, 2021.

Jefferson dual-cylinder racer  1914 – Courtesy SFO Museum
Pierce Four Cylinder 1911- Courtesy SFO Museum
Two girls on a Pierce Four and sidecar  c. 1910
Courtesy of Pierce-Arrow Museum

The new showcase on the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee kicks off today (June 15): “Daredevils: A Century of Spine-Tingling Spectacles.

And the following day (Father’s Day, June sixteen) dads get in without cost.

“What began with horse trick riders in circuses stimulated new generations of entertainers on bicycles, motorcycles, motors – even flying couch chairs,” the museum tells us.

This showcase celebrates the records of these dying-defying entertainers who spend coutless hours perfecting their exploits.

Performers featured consist of:

  • The Urias Family Globe of Death, which became first constructed in 1912 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Four generations of the Urias own family thrilled audiences the world over with their gravity-defying performances inside the globe before it became retired in 2009;
  • The Harley-Davidson XR-750 ridden with the aid of Evel Knievel, during his famed 1975 Wembley Stadium jump. (On loan from Evel Knievel Museum);
  • A rocket-powered, custom-built motorcycle (aka The Space Cycle) that became designed to leap Niagara Falls and was outfitted with helicopter blades to resource in its flight;
  • And the residing room furniture piece that was hired by using the innovative (some may say mad) geniuses at Nitro Circus to attempt the arena’s first “reclining couch chair bounce.”

“Daredevils” opens Saturday, June 15 and runs through Sunday, Sept. 8 Harley-Davidson Museum" width="615" height="346" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen data-src="" class="lazyload" src="">