British Airways’ memento marmite

British Airways has teamed up with Marmite to sell souvenir-sized jars of the famous-in-some-locations breakfast spread made with brewer’s yeast.

The airline discovered that airport security officials at London City AIrport confiscate jars of Marmite more than some other branded object and that extra than 2000 jars of Marmite are predicted to be taken from vacationers this year.

To make sure Marmite-fans won’t move hungry after they tour – and due to the fact British Airways is having fun celebrating its centenary 12 months – the the service is promoting souvenir-sized jars of Marmite to its passengers.

For now, 70 gram, tour-friendly unique edition jars of the unfold are being offered exclusively on board.

Don’t fancy Marmite? Don’t fear.

British Airways will be liberating a series of other centenary version meals in partnership with British brands all through its milestone year.

The airline has a partnership with Scottish craft brewers, BrewDog, who have created a transatlantic IPA for customes and has a address luxurious British watchmaker Bremont for a restrained-editiod watch made with metallic from the Concorde.