Nursing pods for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Int’l Airport

Slowly, but simply, airports across the usa are catching directly to the truth that nursing mothers in transit want a smooth, safe vicinity to breastfeed their toddlers or pump milk, and that toilet stalls or mop closets aren’t the answer.

A better alternative: the growing range of nursing rooms that are shooting up at airports, and the standalone lactation pods made through Vermont-based Mamava, which might be now at about three dozen airports.

Now, just in time for “DontCryoverSpilledMilk” Day – February eleven – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is getting six Mamva nursing pods.

Like other airport-established nursing pods, the Zappos-backed Mamava suites at ATL may have locking doors, AC and USB energy, a fold down table and two benches.  ATL’s pods, even though, are introducing a few new amenities, together with lactation pad dispensers, cleaning wipes and trash cans, happiness charges, and unique soundtracks designed to get the milk flowing. “Think ocean waves, child giggles, and so on,” says Mamava.

See greater information about the pods and the Zappos partnership on Mamava’s “Pumpcast.”

ATL’s Mamava nursing pods could be hard to overlook: just look for the giant toddlers.



More airport pods for nursing mothers

mamava at NY Airports

Nursing pods land at JFK’s JetBlue T5. Courtesy Mamava

Breastfeeding moms on the flow have a few new alternatives for nursing their child or pumping milk at JFK International Airport, LaGuardia Airport, Newark-Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport.

In the New York vicinity, Mamava nursing pods (visible above) are actually located at JFK in JetBlue T5 (Gate 12), at Newark’ Terminal B (near Gate 60) and at LaGuardia Terminal B (Concourse A).

At the Philadelphia International Airport, breastfeeding moms may also now get 30-minutes of loose get entry to to the non-public rooms at Minute Suites, the micro-inn located within the airport between Terminals A & B, reports After the primary 30 minutes, the price might be $14 for an extra half of hour.

For greater on the fashion of airports imparting spaces for breastfeeding moms, see my column on USA TODAY