Lost & Found

Gary Gatwick’s Underground Adventure

The Airport Search adventure group traveled in and round London with Gatwick Airport’s mascot, Gary Gatwick, ultimate week.

Our venture: find out how clean it is to use Gatwick Airport as a base while visiting the location.

We traveled via train and underground to go to sights in critical London, the Brighton beach, and the ancient West Sussex towns of Arundel, and Amberly

Every forestall turned into an educational journey and Gary Gatwick changed into an ideal host and guide.

But one experience on the underground became a lesson about the kindness and professionalism of the folks who paintings for Transport for London.

Because Gary Gatwick someway were given left behind at the Farringdon station.

It took about 10 stops to comprehend Gary Gatwick become missing.

We had been, of route, horrified that he’d been left at the back of.

And we weren’t assured we’d be reunited.

He turned into travelling in our small blue backpack and, honestly, our experience with public delivery in other towns led us to assume that the backpack would be taken by using another passenger, thrown out, or, worse, handled as a suspicious, unattended package deal and blown up!

But none of that passed off.

While useful station attendants at another station made calls to the Farringdon station on our behalf to inquire about our misplaced item, our little backpack was determined and became in to the lost property workplace at the station.

This customer service manager recognized Gary Gatwick, took properly care of him, and logged his go to into the statistics.

When we subsequently made our manner again to the Farringdon station and asked to be directed to the supervisor’s workplace, all and sundry on obligation knew just who we were.

“Oh, you’re the humans searching out the endure! Go that way.”

We took a piece of ribbing, however once we signed for our misplaced belongings we were back on our manner.

The London Underground, like most other public transit networks, is a sprawling system. And, clutching Gary Gatwick close so we didn’t lose him again, we concept we’d just melt again into the ocean of passengers.

But whilst we got back to the station platform we encountered Kevin.

He’s the Transport for London employee who had observed Gary Gatwick on the platform and he’s the only who made positive Gary changed into secure.

Kevin regarded really happy to look us reunited with Gary Gatwick and we’ve declared him our hero!

(Stuffed) tiger tours Tampa International Airport

First it turned into Princess Kitty.

Denver airport kitty 6

A few weeks returned, the Lost & Found branch at Denver International gave a filled animal named Princess Kitty the royal remedy and a excursion of the airport earlier than reuniting the toy with its younger owner.

Now a stuffed tiger named Hobbes – left at the back of at Tampa International – has plenty of tales to inform.

Hobbes_Firefighter - Copy

Earlier this month, the TPA Lost and Found Department were given a frantic name from the mom of a 6-yr-vintage boy named Owen who had left his toy behind when the family flew off to Houston.

A janitorial crew on the airport discovered Hobbes and Tony D’Aiuto, the airport operations middle supervisor, decided to take the toy on an adventure.

Hobbes honestly had a notable time.

Hobbes_gelato - Copy

Photos on the airport’s internet site – and inside the ebook D’Aiuto had put together in a single day at a neighborhood Walgreens – show Hobbes at the gelato counter, playing Jenga in the USO, traveling the airport hearth department and the air traffic control tower, gaining knowledge of approximately airport operations and checking into the airport Marriott.


Owen and his family came to retrieve Hobbs after they were given back from journey and had been presented with the photograph e-book of the tiger’s adventures.

“It value simply $16 to make the ebook and multiple hours of my time,” stated D’Aiuto, “and if there’s ever an opportunity like this while we know we’ll be able to reunite a toy with its owner, I’d love to do it again.”

(All photographs courtesy Tampa International Airport. A slightly distinction model of my tale approximately the lost tiger first regarded on USA TODAY)

Denver Airport saves Princess Kitty

DENVER Airport kitty

An nearly-too-cute story approximately how the Lost & Found branch at Denver International Airport rescued a filled animal named Princess Kitty is making the rounds.

Both Sonja Wieck and her nine-12 months-old daughter, Annie, had been devasted after they realized Annie had left the cherished and properly-traveled Princess Kitty on a DEN Airport tram.

Wieck despatched a tweet to the airport asking for help and the airport personnel not simplest observed the crammed animal however gave it a tour of the airport and the eye that a princess deserves.

Denver airport kitty 2

Denver airport kitty 3

Denver airport kitty 4

Denver Airport kitty 5

Denver airport kitty 6

(All pictures courtesy Denver International Airport)