London Underground

Gary Gatwick’s Underground Adventure

The Airport Search journey team traveled in and around London with Gatwick Airport’s mascot, Gary Gatwick, last week.

Our mission: find out how clean it is to apply Gatwick Airport as a base when traveling the region.

We traveled by way of train and underground to visit sights in crucial London, the Brighton beach, and the historic West Sussex cities of Arundel, and Amberly

Every stop changed into an educational journey and Gary Gatwick turned into a great host and manual.

But one experience on the underground changed into a lesson approximately the kindness and professionalism of the individuals who paintings for Transport for London.

Because Gary Gatwick by some means got left in the back of on the Farringdon station.

It took about 10 stops to understand Gary Gatwick became lacking.

We had been, of route, horrified that he’d been left behind.

And we weren’t assured we’d be reunited.

He turned into touring in our small blue backpack and, virtually, our revel in with public shipping in other towns led us to expect that the backpack might be taken by way of any other passenger, thrown out, or, worse, dealt with as a suspicious, unattended bundle and blown up!

But none of that passed off.

While helpful station attendants at any other station made calls to the Farringdon station on our behalf to inquire approximately our misplaced object, our little backpack turned into determined and turned in to the lost assets workplace on the station.

This customer support supervisor diagnosed Gary Gatwick, took accurate care of him, and logged his visit into the data.

When we in the end made our manner back to the Farringdon station and requested to be directed to the supervisor’s workplace, all of us on obligation knew just who we were.

“Oh, you’re the people seeking out the undergo! Go that way.”

We took a bit of ribbing, however as soon as we signed for our lost belongings we have been lower back on our way.

The London Underground, like maximum other public transit networks, is a sprawling device. And, clutching Gary Gatwick close so we didn’t lose him again, we idea we’d simply melt back into the sea of passengers.

But whilst we got returned to the station platform we encountered Kevin.

He’s the Transport for London employee who had found Gary Gatwick on the platform and he’s the one who made sure Gary turned into secure.

Kevin appeared in reality happy to peer us reunited with Gary Gatwick and we’ve declared him our hero!