Atlanta Int’l Airport trying out restroom stop/move lights

Los Angeles Internationl Airport has a few ‘clever’ restrooms, now Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International (ATL) has a few too.

As a part of its $6 billion modernization software, ATL is checking out generation to improve the restroom ‘experience’.

Two pairs of restrooms (at Delta’s Gates B18 & B23), now feature  Tooshlights – a gadget that works like cutting-edge parking lots to light purple or inexperienced lighting (in use/empty) over stalls – and Infax, a machine that tracks restroom utilization so janitorial team of workers knows while the space needs to be wiped clean.

Anyone who has ever waited on line in an airport restroom looking forward to an empty stall – and every body who has been in a stall and had a person rattle the door to look if it’s open – will appreaciate the red mild/inexperienced light gadget, in particular when speeding among flights.