Ice cream

We all scream for ice-cream

July is National Ice-Cream Month

July is National Ice-Cream Month and Sunday was National Ice Cream Day.

And while no person in reality desires a unique reason to experience ice cream when touring, here’s how some airports and airlines marked National Ice Cream Day. Plus some bonus ice cream pictures from the National Archives.

Boys ingesting ice cream. Courtesy National Archives

“People have been consuming and making ice cream innovations due to the fact that cold garage have become extra commercially low-priced,” the National Archives reminds us. “Early founders George Washington and Thomas Jefferson often loved ice cream, and it was a featured dessert at James Madison’s inauguration ball in 1813.”

Ice cream-associated innovations have proliferated through the years, “as ice cream producers and other dairy companies continuously tinkered with new inventions to assist mix, freeze, save, and shipping ice cream even as retaining its taste and temperature ideal for the marketplace.”