Great Prosser Balloon Rally

Greetings from: the Great Prosser Balloon Rally

The biggest warm air balloon competition in the world – the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – will take place October 1-nine.

But one of the most charming warm air balloon fairs in the world passed off this beyond weekend in Prosser, WA.

This become the thirty third year for the 3-day Great Prosser Balloon Rally and near to 20 balloons took to the skies from Prosser Airport every morning at around 7 am.

For our first-time attendee, things didn’t appearance too promising whilst she arrived to discover all the hot balloons just lying flat on the ground.

There have been families amassed in the field with their children still in their pajamas. And lots of human beings with massive cups of espresso. And for a while, nothing seemed to be going on.

But after a hard and fast of small check balloons have been sent as much as make certain the wind situations have been appropriate for decent air balloon adventures, the commercial enterprise of filling up the balloons, taking off, and flying over Washington’s decrease Yakima Valley was underway.

The sunrise launches are thrilling, but in some way we overlooked out on seeing the Night Glow when all the hot air balloons are anchored to the ground and are then lit up from inner in order that they glow towards the night time sky.

So we’re already planning on attending subsequent year. See you there.

Courtesy Great Prosser Balloon Rally