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Better relaxation instances for flight attendants

On Tuesday, the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration finalized policies requiring airlines to provide airline flight attendants at least 10 hours of relaxation time between shifts.

Under current rules, flight attendants get as a minimum 9 hours of rest time. However, due to lots of situations, that time without work regularly ends up being a whole lot shorter.

Fresh Art at John Wayne Airport

A new show off at John Wayne Airport (JWA) in Santa Ana, California features ceramic art with the aid of Hawaiian artist Randy Au.

“Vegetable Series” is stimulated via Au’s love for nature. The ceramic shapes are inspired with the aid of squash gourds which can be glossed and gilded in gold. The difficult designs are stimulated through Oriental, Egyptian, and American tradition and history. 

Look for the show off put up-safety within the Thomas C. Riley Terminal at John Wayne Airport, between Terminals B and C, across from Gate 14, until March 2023. 

Crazy – and captivating – vacationers

Travel has been form of loopy this week. But there may be some sign of charming conduct available.

There’s the saga of the drunken, raving passenger on Frontier Airlines who become duct-taped to his seat after assaulting and groping flight attendants.

At first, Frontier Airlines suspended the flight attendants involved. The purpose? They had now not observed the proper approaches. That didn’t fly with the Association of Flight Attendants – and lots of others. But the airline later got here to its senses and stated it now helps the team participants and will pay them.

On the opposite hand…

Not all and sundry on airplanes and in airports are crazy. Some are just fascinating.

TSA imparting self-defense education to flight crews.

As airline passenger extent ticks up, many passengers are packing some thing the Transportation Security Administration and airlines would as a substitute they’d depart domestic: a combative attitude.

“Passengers do no longer arrive at an airport or board a plane with the motive of turning into unruly or violent; however, what is an thrilling return to tour for a few can be a greater hard experience for others, that can lead to surprising, and unacceptable, behaviors,” stated Darby LaJoye, TSA Senior Official Performing the Duties of the Administrator.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is reporting an alarming spike in incidents of unruly passengers.

Here is part of a table from the FAA displaying all the cases investigated that stated violations of 1 or more FAA regulations or federal laws.

There are three,082 incidents up to now in 2021, as compared to fewer than 2 hundred instances in any of the beyond five years.

You’ve absolute confidence visible and read about all the loopy incidents on planes with passengers refusing to conform with federal policies to wear face masks. But not as properly-publicized are the incidents that have been taking location in airports.

TSA shared this in a announcement:

Two separate incidents this month have caused referrals to law enforcement for passengers in Louisville, KY and Denver, CO. In Louisville, a passenger allegedly assaulted two TSOs at the same time as attempting to breach the go out lane and is going through country criminal costs for criminal trespass, fleeing and evading police, misdemeanor assault, and resisting arrest. The Denver incident worried a passenger allegedly biting two TSOs and stays underneath research. Both passengers additionally face a ability civil penalty of up to $thirteen,910 for every violation of TSA protection requirements.” 

Here’s something that can assist:

In early July the TSA is restarting its Crew Member Self-Defense (CMSD) schooling. Under the voluntary software, which become paused due to COVID-19 restrictions, Federal Air Marshals teach flight group participants in defensive degree strategies for responding towards an attacker in a business passenger or shipment aircraft.

During the training, flight group members discover ways to become aware of and deter ability threats, and if wanted, observe the self-defense strategies in opposition to attackers.  The 4-hour training is obtainable to flight group contributors freed from rate and is held at 24 locations around the United States.

“Through this training program, TSA’s Federal Air Marshals are capable of impart their specialised expertise in defending in opposition to and de-escalating an attack whilst in an aircraft surroundings,” stated LaJoye, “

Sara Nelson, the president of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA, would like the direction to be obligatory.

Assaulting or threatening a member of the flight team is a federal crime and perpetrators may also face civil penalties, criminal fines, or imprisonment. In May 2021 by myself, the FAA proposed civil consequences ranging from $nine,000 to $15,000 towards 5 airline passengers for allegedly interfering with and, in cases, assaulting flight attendants who instructed them to obey cabin group commands and diverse federal rules. 

How a 747 layout change proposal spurred the ’60-foot rule’

United Airlines’ very last charter flight to say good-bye to the airline’s fleet of 747 airccraft, became quite a celebration and you may see my story and snap shots on the event on the Runway Girl Network.

But at some point of all the hoopla, a consultant of the flight attendant’s union mentioned to me that debate over a change inside the 747 design lower back in the mid-Nineteen Eighties spurred an vital protection rule – the FAA’s 60-foot rule – that applies to pretty much all airplanes nowadays.

The brief model of the tale is that in 1984 Boeing proposed taking out a set of exit doors on the 747 jumbo jet to make extra room for seats. Flight attendants and pilots – and their unions – raised issues over the potential to get all and sundry off the plane in an emergency with out those doors and driven lower back.

The Federal Aviation Administration ruled on the side of safety.

Read my complete tale on how this befell in my Runway Girl Network story right here.

Photo courtesy Boeing Company

Fashionable & frivolous flight attendant attire – component 2

Here are extra amusing snap shots from a slide display on flight attendant uniforms I put together for CNBC Road Warrior. Part 1 is here.

Hughes Airwest, Designed by Mario Armond Zamparelli, 1972-77

Hughes Airwest uniform courtesy Ted Huetter, Museum of Flight Seattle

According to Seattle’s Museum of Flight, inside the early 1970s American artist and clothier Mario Armond Zamparelli was asked via commercial enterprise magnate and aviator Howard Hughes to create new flight attendant uniforms for Hughes Airwest. A memorable Airwest outfit changed into a Sundance Yellow princess-line knit get dressed, which had a matching zippered jacket. When going outdoors, flight attendants could upload a hooded cape or a princess-line coat.


In the Sixties and ’70s, hotpants have been not unusual, as seen on this Continental uniform. Courtesy Cliff Muskiet www.uniformfreak.com

“Hot pants and brief attire with hot pants below have been a common look within the 1960s and ’70s, and Continental, PSA and Southwest Airlines all had uniforms offering that style,” stated Cliff Muskiet of uniformfreakcom. “In those years, the stewardess changed into used to attract male passengers and hot pants had been part of the plan,” he said.

8_courtesy Cathay Pacific

Courtesy Cathay Pacific

Compared with the recent pants-themed uniforms some airlines required their flight attendants to wear at some stage in the ’60s and ’70s, those Cathay Pacific uniforms, launched in July 2011, look like pretty tame. But the union representing the airline’s flight attendants lately complained the clothing were “too sexy.”

In a assertion, Cathay Pacific stated it has made a few adjustments to the uniform to cope with issues approximately the duration of the shirt and the tightness of the skirt, and group members “are welcome to alternate their uniform any time if they sense the in shape is not right.”

Although most of the older airlines are lengthy long gone, a number of the classic airlines are seeking to go back to the skies, consisting of PEOPLExpress.

In May 2014, a group looking to bring lower back Eastern Air Lines, the enduring Miami-primarily based service that operated from the 1920s till 1991, held a contest to pick a dressmaker for the uniforms group members might wear whilst the airline returns to the skies. The winner changed into Miami-primarily based fashion designer Lisu Vega, whose series consists of numerous sublime, navy and teal clothes with matching hats and baggage.

9_Lisu Vega_Eastern Air Lines possible uniform

Eastern Air Lines uniform Simon Soong / Courtesy Lisu Vega