Travel Tidbits: e-cigs, Cuba & mascots

Lucky Stirke smoking

The U.S. Department of Transportation has finalized a rule associated with smoking on airplanes and now using electronic cigarettes on commercial flights is officially forbidden.

According to DOT: “The final rule applies to all scheduled flights of U.S. and foreign companies concerning transportation in, to, and from the U.S.”


Many U.S. airlines – consisting of Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest and United – filed packages this week for regularly scheduled flights to Havana and other airports in Cuba. one hundred ten daily flights will be accepted, so stay tuned and begin making plans your trip now.

Frontier mascot

And, Frontier Airlines is walking a contest to pick a school mascot to be featured on one among its new Airbus 320 airplanes.

The triumphing mascot’s company will win 20 roundtrip tickets and each time you vote you get entered in a competition to win a unfastened flight.

E-cigs on a aircraft & in the airport

Lucky Stirke smoking

Can you vape on excursion? Maybe. Maybe now not.

Sales of e-cigarettes and their cousins, re-fillable “vaporizers,” are presently a $2.2 billion market in the United States, according to tobacco analysts at Wells Fargo Securities, up from an estimated $1.7 billion in 2013. And e-cig intake could surpass that of combustible cigarettes in 10 years, in step with the equal forecast.

Yet, even as the popular, smoke-loose, nicotine delivery equipment are marketed as being much less poisonous than traditional cigarettes, the options for in which tourists might also use the devices may be hazy.

In the air

Although its regulations don’t explicitly spell it out, the Department of Transportation believes the existing ban on smoking on domestic and worldwide flights of U.S. and foreign air carriers is sufficiently huge to encompass a ban on using electronic cigarettes.

“We are finalizing a rule to be able to cope with whether we must amend the prevailing regulatory textual content to explicitly ban use of digital cigarettes aboard industrial airline flights. DOT expects the final rule will be posted within the Federal Register in early 2015,” an business enterprise spokesperson stated thru e mail.

While e-cigs are sold at a few airport newsstands, their use is determined by means of local guidelines and ordinances.

A handful of airport stores operated by Paradies have been promoting e-cigs for the reason that July on the request of the airports, in keeping with Paradies Senior Marketing Manager Justin Marlett.

The Hudson Group additionally sells e-cigs in a few airport newsstands. Cigarettes and different tobacco merchandise, inclusive of e-cigs, now account for less than 1 percentage of Hudson’s basic newsstand sales, “however even as best 7 percentage of that 1 percentage is represented via e-cigs, e-cigarettes are the handiest tobacco merchandise which are showing growth…albeit simplest incremental growth,” stated Mike Maslen, Hudson’s vice chairman of sales.

Buying e-cigs at an airport is one issue, the use of them there is any other.

Rules vary airport-to-airport, and from time to time within concession-to-concession. Until in advance this 12 months, whilst Minnesota enacted rules banning e-cigarettes from authorities homes, e-cigs might be used inside the terminals of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

“We had no ordinance or coverage banning them,” said Patrick Hogan, MSP’s director, public affairs & advertising, which imply e-cigs can be used in areas managed by way of the Metropolitan Airports Commission. “However, concessionaires and airways ought to save you their use within their leased space. I don’t know how many did,” stated Hogan.

Because the town of Los Angeles prohibits e-cigarettes inner public buildings, “the public is prohibited from using e-cigarettes inside 20 ft of entrances to terminals, office homes, and other on-airport residences,” stated LAX spokesperson Nancy Castles.

But at Denver International Airport, in which a few retailers promote e-cigs, “this falls underneath the airport’s tobacco policy, so their use is simplest allowed in areas wherein smoking is authorized, together with the remaining smoking living room at the C Concourse,” said airport spokesman Heath Bernard Law Montgomery.

At inns

Hotels additionally range broadly in their e-cig policies.

While the cluster of hip Provenance Hotels in Oregon, Washington and Nashville, Tennessee, don't have any formal policies on e-cigs, The Warwick in San Francisco is clear that the lodge’s smoking ban includes e-cigs.

And even as a few lodges promote e-cigs in the in-room mini-bars, “maximum hotels use the equal coverage for e-cigs as they do for conventional smoking,” stated Julie Faver-Dylla, government director of the Hotel Association of Tarrant Country, Texas, which represents about four hundred homes in and round Arlington and Forth Worth.

“Although we apprehend that many times the vapor produced by using e-cigs is much less negative to our residences and much less offensive than conventional burned cigarettes, there many versions of these products in use, and it is not possible for motel body of workers to decide which is probably problematic,” she stated.

At sea

There is no enterprise-level policy on e-cigarette use on cruise lines, but “it's far some thing that individual cruise traces are searching at,” stated Elinore Boeke, spokeswoman for Cruise Lines International Association, the enterprise’s alternate association.

American Cruise Lines, for example, does now not have a formal policy in location for e-cigarette use, however “for our smoking passengers there's a chosen area on the pinnacle deck of each of our ships. In the event we've got a passenger who does use e-cigs or vapes, we encourage them to head as much as the pinnacle deck as properly,” stated organization spokesman Britt Rabinovici.

On the Holland America Line, “electronic cigarettes are accredited in staterooms however no longer in other public areas of the ship other than on outside decks distinct as smoking areas,” however on Royal Caribbean Cruises, e-cigarette users must be part of traditional cigarette, cigar and pipe smokers in unique out of doors regions of the starboard side of maximum ships.

(My story about e-cigarettes first regarded on CNBC Road Warrior).