TSA finds a gun hidden in a bird at a Florida Airport

Let’s supply credit score to the TSA officers at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) who cracked the case of the passenger whose carry-on baggage contained a raw hen with a gun hidden interior.

TSA takes offenses like this severely. But the company isn’t above cackling and crowing about finds like this on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

“There’s a personal hen here…” TSA referred to in its Instagram post, adding that “The plot chickens as we barrel our manner in the direction of Thanksgiving.”

The bird puns didn’t forestall there.

Far from it.

Courtesy OSU Special Collection & Archives, through FlickrCommons

TSA said it turned into grateful its officials “are usually running around the cluck to keep you safe” while noting the “hen you consider it?” find on the Fort Lauderdale airport.

“We hate to beak it to you here, however stuffing a firearm in your excursion hen for travel is only a baste of time. This concept wasn’t even half of-baked; it turned into raw, greasy, and glaringly unsupervised. The most effective roast occurring there is this terrible packing desire.

Feather you like it or now not, there are policies for travelling with guns and ammunition. So, don’t wing it; roost over the proper packaging information through the hyperlink in our bio.

Guns in chickens are the least of it

While the gun-in-a-hen scheme is uncommon, TSA officers have a whole lot of enjoy recognizing guns at Florida airports

Earlier this month the TSA stated that so far this year a report seven-hundred weapons have been discovered at Florida airport checkpoints and nearly each such a guns was loaded. “Most had ammunition chambered,” TSA said.

Here’s some of the breakdown, as of November 3:

Orlando International Airport (MCO): 129 weapons;

Ft. Lauderdale -Hollywood International Airport (FLL): 120 guns:

Tampa International Airport (TPA): 102 guns;

Miami International Airport (MIA): eighty three weapons;

Jacksonville International Airport (JAX): 58 guns;

Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW): 37 guns;

TSA says in Florida, and in lots of other states, most passengers observed with firearms at the checkpoint are arrested or issued notices to seem in court docket.

“Passengers face a civil penalty from the TSA that could reach as an awful lot as $thirteen,910 and that is imposed no matter whether the individual is arrested with the aid of our regulation enforcement companions,” TSA reminds vacationers. And “If the vacationer is in the TSA PreCheck software, the ones privileges will be lost for a period of time, likely permanently.”

Nationwide, TSA officials detected five,972 firearms on passengers or their bring-on bags at checkpoints remaining year. As of mid-September 2022, greater than four,six hundred weapons had been discovered. And given the uptick in firearm ‘reveals’ the TSA has been reporting across the us of a, it’s a very good bet that the tally will damage a record again this yr.