Area 51

Souvenir proof of aliens at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas

Here at Stuck at The Airport, we’re massive fanatics of the fun, regionally-themed souvenirs that are for sale in lots of airport memento stores.

We understand there are alot of folks that collect shot glass or key chains as a memento from the locations they go to. But we’re specially fond of the bit greater innovative, domestically-themed chocolate candy “poop” this is on the market in those shops.

We realize these gadgets are exceptional present objects and massive sellers, but we suspect quite a few these candy meals presents in no way get eaten.

(Although in my house, they’d be classified as ’emergency’ meals..)

Examples in our ‘memento poop’ series encompass the entirety from Big Foot Poop located at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Koala Poo noticed in at the airport in Sydney, Australia.

Now we have one greater packet to add to the collection.

At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas this week, we observed a few Alien Poop mints inside the Area 51 phase of a souvenir keep.

Silly? Yes, of course. But when you are Airport Search, leisure comes in lots of forms.

Please be on the lookout for a laugh, cheaper, domestically-themed souvenirs in airport gift shops and send us a picture. If your snap is featured right here in the course of Souvenir Sunday, we’ll send you a a laugh tour-themed memento.

Area 51 gadgets at the Museum of Flight – maybe

Area 51 warning sign

Area 51 Warning Sign –

Seattle’s Museum of Flight, which brought us an show off of Wonder Woman’s invisible plane just about this time remaining year, has cooked up some other special show off set to open on April 1.

Due to the closely redacted press release, it’s tough to inform precisely what is going to be on show, however it seems that a few never-earlier than-seen objects relating to Area 51 simply might be on view.

Or now not.

Museum of Flight Area 51