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Souvenir proof of aliens at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas

Here at Stuck at The Airport, we’re huge fans of the a laugh, locally-themed souvenirs that are on the market in many airport memento shops.

We recognize there are alot of individuals who accumulate shot glass or key chains as a souvenir from the places they go to. But we’re particularly keen on the bit greater creative, regionally-themed chocolate candy “poop” that is on the market in those stores.

We know those gadgets are great gift gadgets and big sellers, however we suspect a variety of these sweet food items by no means get eaten.

(Although in my residence, they’d be categorized as ’emergency’ food..)

Examples in our ‘souvenir poop’ series include everything from Big Foot Poop observed at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport to the Koala Poo spotted in at the airport in Sydney, Australia.

Now we've got one greater packet to add to the gathering.

At McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas this week, we discovered a few Alien Poop mints inside the Area fifty one segment of a souvenir store.

Silly? Yes, of direction. But while you are Airport Search, amusement comes in lots of forms.

Please be on the lookout for amusing, less expensive, domestically-themed souvenirs in airport gift stores and ship us a picture. If your snap is featured right here during Souvenir Sunday, we’ll ship you a a laugh tour-themed memento.

UFO Anniversary: Flying Saucers first sighted on June twenty fourth, 1947

UFO Anniversary Flying Saucers

Whether you consider in them or now not, nowadays is the anniversary of the day back in 1947 whilst the “unidentified flying object” phenomenon commenced.

People had surely noticed strange matters in the sky earlier than. But it was a pilot flying his non-public aircraft close to Washington State’s Mt. Rainier that gave the unidentified flying gadgets such a catchy call.

As described in Historylink.org:

“While flying in his non-public airplane near Mount Rainier en path from Chehalis, Washington, to his domestic in Boise, Idaho, Kenneth Arnold changed into startled by way of a shiny mild shortly before 3 p.m., on June 24, 1947. He regarded north and noticed 9 gleaming items racing southward alongside the crest of the Cascades. They had been kind of round in form — besides for one crescent-formed item — measured approximately 50 feet across, and appeared metallic. He watched them for about minutes till they disappeared over Oregon.”

Spooky, right?

During a refueling stop in eastern Oregon, Arnold defined his experience to the neighborhood newspaper editor, announcing that the automobiles flew in and out of the mountain peaks at amazing speeds and in an undulating formation “like a saucer could if you skipped it across the water.”

Stories like that,with info like that, are too juicy to ignore. The document got picked up by way of newspapers across the united states of america – and round the sector – and from then on, unidentified flying gadgets have grow to be referred to as “flying saucers.”

If you’re interested by a few modern-day stories approximately aliens at a few airports, please see my recent Aliens, UFOs and Crop circles at the airport post, which links to my USATODAY.com column approximately some of these episodes.

Aliens, UFOs & crop circles at the airport

My At the Airport column on USATODAY.com this month – UFOS at DEN? is all about extraterrestrial beings (from outer area), UFOs, crop circles visible at a few airport and the secret messages in a number of the art work at Denver International Airport

Scary stuff – but simply fun.

Officials insist the 26-foot tall statue of the historic Egyptian god Anubis now status out of doors the Denver International Airport terminal is there to sell a King Tut exhibit starting quickly on the Denver Art Museum. But the large picture of the jackal-headed god tasked with protective the spirits of the lifeless is alarming a few travelers.

“I’m not superstitious, but it doesn’t exactly instill self assurance when the god of the lifeless is staring via the window at you!” says Brian Olson, a Colorado resident who travels often through Denver airport.

The Anubis statue, which has also spent time on the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, will leave Denver International Airport in mid-August. Staying behind might be several portions from the airport’s permanent public art series that a few vacationers do not forget ominous and, in some instances, out of this international.

Mile-excessive mysteries

Matt Chasansky, the general public art administrator at Denver airport, has watched all of the YouTube videos, responded many e-mails and examine all of the net postings about the name of the game messages allegedly embedded in murals, sculpture and other art pieces inside the airport. He’s happy humans are responding emotionally to the airport’s series however insists issues about atypical doings at DEN are just misunderstandings.


(Terry Allen’s Notre Denver, courtesy Denver Int’l Airport)

One visitor wrote to bitch approximately the “demons” inside the luggage declare area. Those demons are a part of Terry Allen’s paintings, Notre Denver and are European cathedral-inspired gargoyles meant no longer to harm humans, but to guard them from dropping their bags. Other travelers see a mystery code in the words and pics in twenty first Century Artifacts, the 4 mosaic flooring created via Carolyn Braaksma and Mark Villareal for Concourse B. “The piece is in reality about geography, archeology and topography,” says the airport’s Chasansky, “And the ones are Native American words and logos for the Colorado River and other web sites around the vicinity.”

On its website, the airport notes that “a few fanciful conspiracy theories have been generated” through Leo Tanguma’s mural titled Children of the World Dream Peace, however that none of those a long way-out theories “have been intended via the artist.” And each the airport’s telephone-preserve message and brochure for the self-guided art excursion make connection with the uneasy emotions a few vacationers get from the glowing red eyes of the 32-foot tall blue Mustang via Luis Jiménez, who died whilst operating on the sculpture. Dubbed “Bluecifer” by detractors, the sculpture rearing up on the road main to the airport has spawned Facebook pages and campaigns calling for its removal.

(Mustang by means of Luis Jimenez; courtesy Denver Int’l Airport)

There are also rumors approximately the airport’s aliens. The ones which have supposedly come to earth and now stay within the hidden underground regions on the airport. “One principle says you could positioned your ears towards the columns within the terminal and pay attention alien voices from the basement,” says Chasanksy. Another describes how pushing the proper combination of buttons on a keypad by means of the airport’s time capsule will sign the elevators to descend to the extraterrestrial beings’ underground base. Unfortunately for alien hunters, that ‘keypad’ is just a plaque with braille lettering on it.

“All the ones theories are fanciful and amusing,” says Chasansky, “But none of it is genuine. And the extraterrestrial beings aren’t telling me to mention this.”

Unexplained events at other airports

Fanciful or no longer, Denver International isn’t the simplest airport stated to be visited by aliens. According to Peter Davenport of the Seattle-based totally National UFO Reporting Center, “There have been many reports which appear to be, in one way or any other, related to airports.”

Larry Bowron, now the Transportation Director for the metropolis of Battle Creek, Mich., says lower back whilst he labored on the Scottsdale, Ariz., airport he saw something he nonetheless can’t fully give an explanation for hover over the runway after which zip out of sight. “It looked like a helicopter, however had no lighting fixtures on it. All of unexpected a white beam of light came on and inside seconds it extended and turned into out of my sight. There was no sound, but it moved one hundred instances quicker than some thing I’d seen in my life.”

Bowron says prior to that revel in he become “sort of a skeptic” about UFOs, however “You see something that defies common sense and it makes a believer out of you.”

Travis McQueen, supervisor of Indiana’sHuntingburg Airport, hasn’t visible a UFO, however did bounce in an aircraft to take some aerial snap shots of mysterious crop circles that after confirmed up on airport-owned land leased to a neighborhood farmer. He won’t say whether or not or not he believes it was extraterrestrial beings or nearby pranksters who left their mark within the farmer’s bean field, however McQueen did record a document with the local sheriff so that the farmer may want to report an insurance declare for his misplaced crops.

(Crop circle – courtesy Travis McQueen)

Then there’s the UFO which can or won't have visited Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on November 7, 2006. Peter Davenport of the National UFO Reporting Center says he acquired files “that left no question as to whether or not the occasion occurred, or to its weird nature.” He estimates that the disc-fashioned object seen hovering above Gate C-17 was observed by means of no fewer than 3 dozen human beings, consisting of aircraft mechanics, airline supervisory employees and others he calls “especially certified observers.”

The Chicago Tribune and other news stores posted reports approximately the 2006 UFO incident. Davenport and others call the occasion “very dramatic” and “very well documented.” The handiest issue officers at O’Hare have ever stated about the possible UFO sighting, even though, is “No comment.”

Fear of flying …gadgets

Former Apollo 9 astronaut Rusty Schweickart has a message for us:


Next Monday (June thirtieth) is the one centesimal anniversary of the Tunguska Event. On that day in 1908 an asteroid or maybe a comet – no one truly is aware of what – fell from the sky and devastated about 800 rectangular miles of Siberian woodland.

You can see images and maps of the web site and research greater about the ‘occasion’ here.

Can it take place again? You wager, says Schweickart. “Near-Earth items were impacting Earth episodically for the past 4.5 billion years. They don’t hit often, but when they do they're a severe chance to life and assets. Ask the dinosaurs… they lost it all.”

Can the earth be saved? Schweickart is running on it. He’s the chair of the B612 Foundation, which plans to alternate the orbit of an asteroid by means of 2015 and prove that humankind can protect the Earth from future asteroid impacts.

It may also sound like a Twilight Zone episode, however just in case, I’m heading over to Seattle’s Museum of Flight Saturday afternoon (June 28) to discover greater. Schweickart may be there to talk about what astronauts, cosmonauts and experts from around the arena are doing to make sure we're ready.

And even as we’re speakme approximately objects from outer space, in advance this week Dave Demerjian over at Wired’s Autopia wrote about the news that a police helicopter crew from Cardiff, Wales pronounced being chased currently through a “flying saucer-shaped automobile.”