Albany International Airport

Fresh artwork at Albany Int’l Airport

– Bouquet of Floral Funnel Forms – Ben Godward

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) is on the brink of debut a new exhibition.

The sculptures and prints inside the Lumen exhibition are with the aid of Shaina Gates, Heather Hutchison, and Ben Godward. And all the works within the exhibition are engaged with or activated by means of mild.

“Visitors will enjoy shifts inside the size and individual of the paintings as daylight and weather exchange over the direction of an afternoon or a season,” said Kathy Greenwood, Director of the Airport’s Art & Culture Program. “Each artist harnesses light and shade thru complicated and incredibly mysterious techniques.”

Assemblies of small, gem-like sculptures via Shaina Gates are made from expired black and white photographic sheet movie.

The range of colors consequences from sun exposure and a bunch of chemical and risk conditions.

Ben Godward’s hand-pigmented resin sculptures are composed of translucent layers of first rate coloration.

In the presence of light, those sculpture assignment radiant consequences at the surfaces around them.

And Heather Hutchison’s minimal bureaucracy contain meticulously constructed optical shifts that are produced with layers of obvious and opaque substances situations.

Lumen will be on display in the Albany International Airport Gallery, positioned pre-protection on the third ground of the terminal, from September 24, 2022, thru February 27, 2023. Hours: 7 am – 10 pm every day.

Airport information from Miami and Albany Int’l Airports

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But we’re here to preserve you recent on some of the on-the-floor services that would keep you knowledgeable and entertained.

Miami Int’l Airport has a LEGO Store

Salt Lake City International Aiport (SLC) became the primary US airport to have a LEGO save. one. And now Miami International Airport (MIA) has one too.

MIA’s 742-rectangular-foot LEGO® save opened in May and is positioned near gate D14. Hours: daily from 7 a.m. to nine:30 p.m.

Planting Utopia at Albany International Airport (ALB)

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) and its neighbor, the Shaker Heritage Society are at the same time supplying paintings by artist Julia Whitney Barnes.

Barnes spent a 12 months photographing and amassing specimens from over a hundred and fifty plants developing within the Sharker Heritage Society’s herb lawn, that is on the web site of the primary Shaker settlement within the United States.

The herb lawn, and ancient Shaker ‘present’ or ‘spirit’ drawings, are the foundation for the images and prints Barnes created for the duration of her 12 months-lengthy mission taking place view at Albany International Airport on July sixteen. There’s additionally a associate web page-precise set up on the Shaker Heritage Society, that is a brief stroll from the airport.

At the Shaker Heritage Society’s 1856 Drying House, Barnes’ installation includes brief murals at the outside of the historical brick constructing. The pictures are stark blue and white silhouettes of herbs in bloom mountaineering the out of doors of the purple brick walls. Inside, there are prints on material and putting bunches of herbs from the garden. The work of art and the installation will remain on view through summer season 2023.

For the installation at Albany International Airport, Barnes made 8 cyanotype art work on paper with flowers amassed from the Shaker herb lawn. (Cyanotype is an antique photographic printing method that creates darkish greenish-blue prints.)

These paintings are reproduced on aluminum panels on the way to be on view for three to 5 years inside the pedestrian hall linking the brand new south parking garage with the ticketing area.

On July sixteen, ALB Airport will also debut a six-month-long exhibition, referred to as Planting Utopia, in the submit-protection Concourse A Gallery with paintings, preparatory sketches, and a documentary video approximately the collaboration.

(All images courtesy Albany International Airport)

Fresh airport art from SFO, PHL, & Albany Int’l Airports

SFO Museum offers an show off about artwork from pineapple leaves

At SFO: From Pineapple to Piña: A Philippine Textile Treasure 

The most up-to-date showcase from the SFO Museum at San Francisco International Airport (SFO) is about textiles crafted from pineapple leaves.

Unique to the Philippines, piña is an outstanding textile made via weaving the fibers of the leaves of the pineapple plant. This mild, airy cloth was perfectly appropriate to the tropical climate. The fabric enjoyed a golden age at some point of the past due eighteenth and 19th centuries, in particular at the island of Panay, where it was made into shirts, ladies’s blouses, shoulder scarfs, handkerchiefs, and table linens.

A new exhibition at Albany International Airport (ALB)

Albany International Airport (ALB) will open a new Gallery exhibition on May 7. The Life Around Us, capabilities current paintings with the aid of Ashley Norwood Cooper and Heidi Johnson, as well as a new website-precise set up, Stream by Laura Moriarty.

Iced Coffee With Friends – by using Heidi Johnson

Route pins from PHL Airport

And Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) recently surpassed out pins created through nearby artists to rejoice the return of numerous transatlantic flights. Great idea!

“Sunrise Sunset” at Albany International Airport

Carly_Glovinski: Canning the Sunset

New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB) will soon debut a new art showcase.

Sunrise Sunset features work by using 46 artists and runs from May 15-August 30, 2021. The show is within the airport’s new redeveloped pre-protection Gallery and within the put up-protection Concourse A Gallery.

Jenny Kemp: Sun Salutations

Sunrises and sunsets have long been rendered and allegorized to signify beginnings and endings, the show notes inform us. “Yet, at a look, how are we to tell whether or not we’re welcoming a brand new day or the method of the night?”

“Much the same can be stated approximately our latest experience of time passage whilst for plenty it is able to be difficult to differentiate at some point from the following or parent what the destiny would possibly maintain,” stated Kathy Greenwood, Director, Art & Culture Program Albany International Airport.

For this show off, Greenwood chose paintings in a extensive range of media, consisting of video and nevertheless images, as well as sculpture, set up, painting, fiber, and collage with the aid of artists who are emerging in addition to people who occupy an global level.

Here are some more samples;

Lily Prince – American Beauty
KK_Kozik- _Lone Tree Hill

ALB: 5 Things We Love About Albany International Airport

The “5 Things We Love About…” collection on celebrates capabilities and services at airports around the u . s . a . and the world.

Today we’re touchdown at New York’s Albany International Airport (ALB), as soon as called “the aerial crossroads of the Northeast.”

ALB: 5 Things We Love About Albany International Airport

Photo by using Mark Morand

1. The Reading Lounge at ALB

ALB is home to the Mario & Matilda Cuomo Pavilion, that is a partnership with the New York State Writers Institute.

The pavilion is an 800-rectangular foot glass-enclosed area on the primary ground of the terminal. The space is designed to be a reading living room in which site visitors can pick out a unfastened e book by means of authors featured via the Institute, download an writer interview, and find out about the Institute’s programs and occasions.

2. The Art at Albany International Airport

Photo with the aid of Arthur Evans.

Albany International Airport’s Art & Culture Program offers a strong array of services in exhibition spaces at some point of the terminal.

In addition to Concourse Galleries and an exhibition case software that capabilities records and artifacts from museums inside the area, ALB airport has a committed 2,500-square gallery positioned pre-security on the third floor of the airport.

As a pleasing bonus, paintings in the curated gallery suggests is often on the market.

Red Drift by Gina Ochiogrosso

3. The Observation Area at ALB

Albany International Airport has a pre-protection commentary location at the 0.33 level of the terminal. Part of the airport artwork gallery, the remark location gives views of the airport runways, the wings of the terminal, and, on a clear day, the southern Adirondack Mountains.

4. Flowers at ALB

Albany International Airport makes a factor to have fresh flowers all through the terminal. And plenty of them. Starting on the curbside.

five. Shiny new centers at ALB

Albany International Airport currently finished a multi-million dollar capital redevelopment assignment. Passengers will enjoy the new air traffic manipulate tower, a new 230,000-rectangular-foot terminal, and a new one thousand-space parking storage with a pedestrian bridge to the terminal.

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