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Who left this rat at Norway’s Bergen Airport?

You may also notice the heartwarming news and social media posts about airports operating difficult to reunite left behind filled animals with their rightful owners.

Like the tale of five-year-antique Ezekiel, who turned into reunited with the teddy bear he left at the back of at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) final month.

Or, the story that possibly began the heartwarming “airports goes-all-out-to-reunite stuffed animal with child” trend. Back in 2015, Tampa International Airport took a crammed tiger named Hobbes on an airport journey before sending Hobbes home.

We love these memories.

So, while making our manner through Norway’s Bergen Airport (BGO) last week at approximately 5 am we did a double-take whilst have been spotted a filled rat taped to a lane submit.

It became very early inside the morning. But we did word that Bergen Airport is spotless. So it didn’t seem in all likelihood that the filled rat was there as a social remark. Nor did it seem like an legit guidepost to factor vacationers to their gates.

So all we may want to conclude was that this filled rat had been left in the back of via a small baby. And that it may soon display up on Bergen Airport’s social media feed on the lookout for its proprietor.

We’ll test back to peer.

Other amenities spotted at Bergen Airport

Besides the crammed rat, there are some other sights at Bergen Airport that made us smile.

The signal for the rest room employs the tough-to-pass over prevalent symbols for “gotta move, now.”

And the children’ play vicinity within the main terminal location has this a laugh hopscotch board with an plane, of route, in the top field.

Have you noticed a cool amenity (or a filled rat) and an airport? Send us a photo and we’ll attempt to encompass it in a destiny publish on Airport Search.

Airport restrooms inside the strolling for pinnacle rest room prize

As travelers, we are all too familiar with the search for a smooth public restroom. We additionally know the satisfaction of getting into a public lavatory that isn't just easy but blessed with quirk and allure.

Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic in complete swing, clean and extraordinary-sanitized public restrooms are even extra critical.

So, we're overjoyed to see restrooms at both Dallas Fort Worth International Airport and the Jamacia Station on JFK International Airport’s AirTrain human beings mover line are finalists within the 2020 America’s Best Restroom contest. 

Anyone can vote for the prevailing throne via October 19. The pinnacle bathrooms get a seat in America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame and restroom cleansing offerings worth more than $2500 from contest sponsor Cintas.

Here are the finalists:

Dallas Fort Worth International Airport

All gate-side restrooms at DFW Airport are now superb ‘clever’.

The toilets have contact-unfastened generation and the Tooshlights feature we’ve been raving approximately that makes use of pink and green lighting to indicate which stalls are open.

Digital signage out of doors every restroom we could passengers realize how many stalls are open.

JFK’s AirTrain Jamaica Station – New York, NY

The new restrooms for the Jamaica Station forestall at the AirTrain humans mover at John F. Kennedy International Airport are nearly 3 instances as large because the preceding restrooms. As a pleasing bonus, the stalls are extensive enough to house baggage.

Bancroft Park – Colorado Springs, Colorado

The Bancroft Park restrooms have green, red and yellow lighting to reveal availability. Soap, water, bathroom paper, and a dryer are all touchless. Better yet, the restrooms self-easy after each 30 makes use of and an app lets the protection team know when lavatory paper or other resources are going for walks low.

Gaslight Bar & Grill – Cincinnati, OH

The Gaslight Bar & Grill in Cincinnati, OH is in a building that after served as a department library. The restrooms have marble tile partitions and gold wallpaper in addition to touchless faucets and trash cans.

Greeley Square Park – New York, New York

The kiosk-like restroom at Greeley Square Park in NY is decorated with historic pix and has classical track, rotating seat covers, a full-time attendant, Italian tile, clean flowers, and an HVAC gadget for seasonal weather control.

Kimpton Muse Hotel – New York, New York

The Kimpton Muse Hotel restrooms invite visitors and diners at the adjacent Muse Bar to pick out a stall in step with their persona or mood. There are six “sin-stimulated” unisex stalls, each with a unique topic and layout: Glam, Vain, Rebel, Passion, Macho, and Envy.

Portland Japanese Garden – Portland, Oregon

All materials in the restroom at the Portland Japanese Garden – from the feel of the tiles to the design of the furnishings – are selected for his or her standalone splendor, as well as purposeful works of art.

Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts – Scottsdale, Arizona

Standing ovation? These glossy and current lavs have terrazzo floors, glass-tiled walls, and lots of spacious, chrome steel stalls.

The lighting fixtures system can also be programmed for vacations, special events and precise audiences.

Swift’s Attic – Austin, Texas

Swift’s Attic restaurant in Austin has Gothic-style restrooms with floral-patterned sinks, vintage mild furnishings, and gold and black striped wallpaper.

The Guild Hotel – San Diego, CA

The Guild Hotel opened in 2019 in a century-old constructing built as a YMCA. Today the restrooms off the lobby have stunning marble sinks with putting lights, tiling and mirrors.

Rate the toilet at Singapore’s Changi Airport

Some of the arena’s quality airport restrooms are at Singapore’s Changi Airport.

This restroom not simplest has these lovely pedestal sinks, it has a separate ‘powder room’ vicinity where women can clean up and observe the cosmetics they’ve purchased in the store just outdoor.

There’s even a virtual comments display screen, asking vacationers to charge the restroom.

In the few moments I hung round taking photographs, a half dozen girls stepped up to the display, smiled, pressed tremendous and have been on their way.

And, yes, the woman inside the photograph become there on obligation preserving the restroom neat and tidy.

Have you visible an award-triumphing airport bathroom?

Been in any brilliant airport bathrooms recently?

If so, then take a moment nominate it for the 2010 America’s Best Restroom Award.

This is the 9th 12 months the Cintas Corporation has been strolling this wacky contest and there have been a few quite swanky bathrooms a few of the contestants.  But again in 2005, the grand prize winner became none other than the Fort Smith Regional Airport (FSM) in Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Here’s a description in their prevailing restrooms:

Fort Smith Regional Airport prides itself at the Southern hospitality that it presentations for its visitors. The restrooms are constantly smooth, with sanitation being of utmost importance. Beautiful décor and comfortable seating, each outside and inside the stalls, compliment the restrooms’ cleanliness. Dried flower displays are constantly on display. And you’ll never must manually flush a toilet or turn on a sink here—the whole thing is computerized.

Sounds like a adorable spot for a visitor to take a tinkle, doesn’t it?

Nominations for the quality restroom – airport or not, within the United States and in Canada – are being time-honored thru via April 26, 2010. 10 finalists could be announced in July and the public gets to vote for the favorites, with the winner announced in  September.

Besides the Fort Smith Airport, other winners have blanketed the University of Notre Dame; The Grand Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi; Kohler Art Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin; Jungle Jim’s International Market in Fairfield, Ohio; Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee; and in 2009, Shoji Tabuchi Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

You can see the winners and the runners up inside the America’s Best Restroom Hall of Fame.

Bizarre airport finds – and 72 smart ones

If you prevent and look around you need to be able to discover an exhibit case at many airports full of some of the objects america Fish & Wildlife Service has confiscated from vacationers.

(Confiscated wildlife products, JFK. Courtesy US Fish & Wildlife Service)

Sadly, smuggling endangered species – and gadgets made from the parts of endangered species – is large commercial enterprise.  Wildlife inspectors around the u . s . are kept on their feet analyzing shipment shipments and suitcases for everything from baggage of writhing snakes to dried sea horses and installed sea turtles.  And, in keeping with this AP article, Bizarre Finds Normal for Airport Inspectors, final 12 months the inspectors at the airport in Anchorage, Alaska made more seizures than JFK airport in New York.

There’s the case of the ladies who tried to hide a bear gall in her bra cup; the sad story of the stay monkey shipped with snakes, and the continual sea horse importer. Every time Chris Andrews opens a package or inspects a passenger in his job as a U.S. Fish and Wildlife inspection officer at Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport, he possibilities a good extra bizarre find…… He says that a number of the saddest cases he’s visible contain live animals shipped as cargo, along with a monkey in a cage shipped with taped-up snakes. The snakes got loose and killed the monkey.”

Sad, yes; however definitely form of fascinating.  The article is going on to mention snake wine, elephant toenails, and jars of undergo fats.  I’m not even positive I need to know what these objects might be used for, but it’s intriguing to examine approximately how cunning a number of those smugglers get with their contraband.

And, speaking of crafty. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL) now has those nifty Step ’n Wash units in 72 public restrooms on the airport.

These Step ‘n Wash gadgets are self-retracting steps which are secured below restroom sink counters to make it less difficult for children to attain the faucets and wash their palms.

Great concept!