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An auction of airline seats & drink carts – for Ukraine

Austrian Airlines is auctioning off Economy Class plane seats from its Boeing 767 fleet and 170 flight trolleys and donating the proceeds to the nonprofit Nachbar in Not (Neighbor in Need) to assist people in Ukraine.

The seats noticed provider on transatlantic flights and had been eliminated to make manner for Premium Economy Class seats. The starting rate for the double and triple rows varies among $250 and $380.

Austrian Airlines says that, just like the seats, the drink trolleys (starting public sale rate $52) have “visible the sector” and are now awaiting new functions as, perhaps, “a nice piece of furniture, home bar trolleys, or strong toolboxes.”

“As the pink-white-red flag-service, which has been connecting Austria with Europe and the world for more than 60 years, we are very thrilled to share a chunk of aviation history – and thereby help human beings in need,” said Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl in a declaration. “With this charity venture, we want to make as a minimum a small contribution to ease the struggling of the Ukrainian humans.”

Bidding open now

Bidding on the public sale objects is open now, with the very last acceptance of bids (notification to bid ‘winners’) on May 21.

You can see the seats and drink trolleys being auctioned on-line or in-man or woman in Austria, in which you’ll also want to visit select your public sale items.

“We thank Austrian Airlines and AURENA [the public sale house for this charitable challenge for the advantage of Nachbar in Not,” stated Martina Schloffer, Dep. Head of International Cooperation at Austrian Red Cross. “Millions of humans are presently suffering and depend on humanitarian aid. The donations will allow us to
facilitate desires-based totally assistance, like water, meals substances, hygiene products or drug treatments.”

Fun, loose manner to get a better aircraft seat

Here’s a fun – and unfastened way- to get an upgraded plane seat:

To draw attention to airline seat consolation (or the lack of it) Vanema, a business enterprise that makes lightweight aircraft seats, is giving passengers unfastened seat cushions.

The organization currently handed out 2,000 of its Octasupport seat cushions at Ljubljana Airport in Slovenia. In alternate, the employer is calling passengers to offer comments on their precedence consolation troubles.

“Our aim is to begin a dialogue about how next technology materials (like Octaspring) can improve passengers’ journeys, even as assisting airways reap their desires of reducing CO2 emissions,” says Venema employer chairman Sandi Cesko.

In the next few months, the enterprise plans at hand out those seat cushions at airport in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and, probably, Austria.

So keep an eye fixed out for the booths and clutch a cushion.

It may be the most inexpensive and fastest manner to upgrade your plane seat. And you could the cushion with you to your subsequent flight.

(Thanks to Emil Atanasov, Guest Services agent on Viking Jarl for helping with Wi-Fi today. )

Cash in on that middle seat on the aircraft


Whether or not you come to be a middle seat on an plane this excursion season, or simply live in worry of finding yourself there, Stella Artois has a contest for you.

The beer-maker will be granting “upgrades” in the form of present card vouchers and unfastened Lyft trip codes to frustrated vacationers who put up a picture and a message on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram about getting caught in a center seat. 

To be entered within the contest, make certain include a photo and include #StellaUpgrade, #Contest and @StellaArtois in your message. (More commands right here).

The contest runs via December 21. Social media posts may be judged at some point of 29 published entry periods, with prizes to include gift card vouchers worth as much as $500 for enhancements on return flights, $500 e-card for adventures at the floor, and codes free of charge rides on Lyft. 

Judging standards includes creativity, originality and relevance to the contest topic of  showing the woes of journey.

Let the grimacing start…

Playing musical chairs on an aircraft

Each Friday on’s Overhead Bin I tackle a reader’s query. This week the subject was:

Is your airplane seat task sacred?

That’s what Dennis Palkoner desired to recognise.

Palkoner and his spouse are both elite common fliers and regularly get hold of quality improvements for his or her flights.

Lucky them, proper? The simplest trouble: frequently the upgraded seats are not together.

Palkoner stated that once this takes place his method is to “courteously ask the man or woman inside the seat subsequent to our upgraded seat if they will switch seats so my wife and I can take a seat together.”

He stated this works “one hundred% of the time” but desires to know: First elegance or now not, “Do airlines thoughts if I trade seats with any other passenger?

“I can’t speak for all airways,” said Heather Poole, a long-time flight attendant and creator of “Cruising Attitude” (due out March, 2012). “But at mine it's miles OK for passengers to change seats inside the equal cabin they purchased their price tag in.”

Sara Keagle, a flight attendant who blogs at The, said the identical policy exists at the airline she works for. “My airline does charge for top rate seats along with exit rows and bulkheads, so so long as [an economy cabin passenger] doesn’t choose those seats, it’s first-class.”

Passengers inside the top rate zones can alternate amongst themselves, stated Keagle. “And we do permit passengers change seats from train to first elegance, but this is finished on the ground and there's no switching back as soon as the door closes for departure.”

How — or why — would a person switch a pleasant seat for one in instruct? “Sometimes one individual in a pair will get an upgrade but they’ll want to take a seat collectively, so they will offer their seat in first magnificence to their neighbor in educate,” stated Keagle.

“We want our clients to have a safe and snug travel experience, so changing seats or shifting to an empty seat within the consumer’s respective cabin is satisfactory,” said Delta Air Lines spokesperson Anthony Black. “But it is always a good idea to ask the flight attendants if it’s OK to move and the pleasant — and safest — time to achieve this.”

When swapping or transferring to an open seat, there are some things to hold in mind.

Another passenger can also have purchased two seats to insure that nobody is seated next to them. “Smaller planes may also have weight and stability problems, and there are positive requirements passengers ought to meet to be able to take a seat in an go out row,” stated Poole.

Even Southwest Airlines, famous for its open-seating policy, has given seat-swapping a few idea.

“Our policy permits customers to choose seats that satisfy their private options,” stated Southwest spokesperson Michelle Agnew. “But it’s not uncommon for our flight attendants to ask clients if they're willing to interchange seats to deal with a family who would like to take a seat together.”

Agnew says clients are commonly very accommodating and bendy in those conditions. Perhaps it’s because flight attendants frequently thank the ones customers “with a complimentary person beverage if they may be of age.”