How a 747 layout exchange inspiration spurred the ’60-foot rule’

United Airlines’ very last charter flight to say good-bye to the airline’s fleet of 747 airccraft, turned into quite a party and you may see my tale and images on the occasion at the Runway Girl Network.

But at some point of all of the hoopla, a representative of the flight attendant’s union noted to me that discuss over a exchange in the 747 design again within the mid-Nineteen Eighties spurred an essential protection rule – the FAA’s 60-foot rule – that applies to pretty much all airplanes nowadays.

The brief model of the tale is that in 1984 Boeing proposed removing a fixed of go out doors at the 747 jumbo jet to make greater room for seats. Flight attendants and pilots – and their unions – raised concerns over the ability to get every person off the plane in an emergency with out the ones doors and driven back.

The Federal Aviation Administration dominated on the side of protection.

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Photo courtesy Boeing Company