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No more smoking at Charleston Int’l Airport

There are nevertheless a few airports around the us of a that accommodate smoking inside the terminals.

According to the American Nonsmokers Rights Foundation, as of July 1, 2021, four of the pinnacle 35 US airports have smoking spaces: McCarran International Airport (LAS) in Las Vegas, Washington Dulles Airport (IAD), TGIF at Miami International Airport (MIA), and Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Some smaller airports across the united states of america do have smoking areas as well. But now there may be one much less airport in which vacationers can light up: Charleston International Airport (CHS).

The smoking ban at CHS is in impact as of Sept 1, 2021, and includes all enclosed public spaces, outside of the terminal, the shuttles, sidewalks, rest areas, in addition to public and employee parking masses.

What can’t you smoke? Cigarettes, cigars, pipes, vapes, puff bars, and any tool that emits smoke or vapor that may be dangerous to travelers.

Why can’t you smoke? Because, in keeping with a Centers for Disease Control observe, secondhand smoke travels from distinct smoking areas into nonsmoking regions in airports, wherein nonsmoking tourists and employees can be exposed.

What will show up to you if you mild up at Charleston International Airport (CHS)?

The Charleston County Aviation Authority Police Department is implementing the ban and every person who does now not comply with the ban is problem to a exceptional.

Smoking nevertheless allowed at maximum of world’s busiest airports

According to a newly launched file from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at the various international’s busiest airports vacationers remain explosed to second-hand cigarette smoke, which the Surgeon General has declared a fitness danger at any level of exposure.

The document, posted this week, determined that as of August 2017 extra than 1/2 (27) of the arena’s 50 busiest airport still allow smoking in certain areas, at the same time as 23 (forty six percent) have been smoke-free.

Among the 10 busiest airports within the international, the report located that half nevertheless permit smoking in sure indoor areas: Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International, Dubai International, Hong Kong International, Paris’s Charles de Gaulle, and Tokyo International.

Beijing Capital International, Chicago O’Hare, London Heathrow, Los Angeles International and Shanghai Pudong International, also a few of the pinnacle 10 busiest airports, are smoke-unfastened.

Among North American airports on the list of the 50 busiest, the CDC record located that 14 of 18 had a smoke-unfastened policy, but that Atlanta, Denver, McCarran International in Las Vegas and Mexico City International airports nonetheless allow smoking in some areas. (Washington-Dulles, a hectic hub, however no longer a number of the 50 world’s busiest airports, also has smoking areas.)

Denver International, the document notes, closed 3 of its 4 smoking indoor smoking rooms in the beyond few years and is scheduled to snuff out the final one in 2018 while its lease expires. And whilst it isn't always a number of the 50 world’s busiest airports, the document mentions that Salt Lake City International, a huge-hub U.S. airport, also recently implemented a smoke-free policy.

But while Beijing Capital International Airport, the arena’s 2nd busiest airport, is smoke-unfastened, “Sadly, Las Vegas, Dulles and Atlanta have not budged on going smoke-free,” stated Cynthia Hallett, president and CEO of Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights.

Officials at Atlanta International, the sector’s busiest airport, say they're properly aware about the calls to create a smoke-unfastened surroundings at the airport, however don't have any plans to shut their smoking areas.

“Creating a smoke-loose policy would force smokers to discover places during the airport to light up and disclose different visitors to secondhand smoke,” said ATL spokesperson Andrew Gobeil, “And smokers would possibly circulate outdoor the terminal and create a further burden on safety traces as those passengers re-input screening regions.”

Inconvenience apart, “Millions of folks who tour thru and paintings in airports that allow smoking are unnecessarily uncovered to secondhand smoke,” stated U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams, “Smoke-unfastened airports can guard humans from this preventable fitness risk.”

My tale approximately smoking at airports first appeared in a slightly one-of-a-kind shape on USATODAY’s Today in the Sky.


No more smoking – quickly – at Salt Lake City Int’l Airport

Salt Lake City International Airport Smoking lounge

According to recent document from the Centers for Disease Control, the smoking charge in the U.S. is at the decline: in 2015, 15 percent of U.S. adults smoked, down two percent from 2014 – the largest decline in extra than two decades.

That may be one of the reasons Salt Lake City International Airport, which for years promoted its five submit-security smoking rooms as a comfort for smokers making connections, has announced a time table for snuffing out those lounges.

The first lounge will near July 5, on the cease of the Independence Day weekend, and the closing lounge will near the week of December 19, simply as the Christmas holiday journey rush starts.

“This is first and major an difficulty of public fitness, each for tourists and our airport employees,” Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski stated in a May assertion announcing the closure.

But she also noted that the “beyond capacity” airport changed into in dire want of the extra space.

“[E]very foot of available area should be used to the exceptional benefit of the traveling public,” stated Biskupski, mentioning retail area, charging stations and additional seating as feasible makes use of for the 1,2 hundred square ft to be able to be freed up via the closure of the SLC smoking lounges.

Going ahead, the Salt Lake City mayor noted that smoking rooms aren't blanketed within the current designs for the airport’s $1.8 billion terminal redesign application, which has a scheduled segment one completion date of 2020.

Response to the front room closure at SLC airport statement has been mixed, said SLC spokeswoman Nancy Volmer.

“I fly regularly via SLC on commercial enterprise and use the rooms every time,” one passenger wrote in an email shared by means of airport authorities, “I figured nowadays could come…What a permit-down.”

Public fitness advocates and different agencies are applauding the airport’s decision.

“This move will protect workers and passengers alike from exposure to secondhand smoke.” said Cynthia Hallett, President and CEO, Americans for Nonsmokers’ Rights, and puts SLC in true employer: greater than 600 U.S. airports are actually a hundred percentage smoke free.

Eliminating airport smoking lounges could also assist improve the nation’s economic bottom line, stated Brook Carlisle, Utah Government Relations Director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network,

“It’s expected that the annual health care fees without delay caused by smoking in our country will attain $542 million this yr,” stated Carlisle, “no longer to say the $355 million in prices from smoking-associated misplaced work productivity.”

Noting that “We’ve had #SmokefreeSkies given that 1990,” even U.S. Surgeon General, Vivek Murthy despatched SLC a congratulatory Tweet:

In May, 2015 Murthy has put up a thumbs-down picture status outdoor a smoking room at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

While SLC is remaining its lounges, there are different main U.S. airports, along with Washington Dulles, Hartfield Jackson Atlanta International, Denver International Airport, Nashville International, Miami International Airport and McCarran Airport in Las Vegas that also have smoking lounges and/or other areas in which smoking is authorized interior.

(A slightly extraordinary model of my tale on smoking lounges at airports first appeared on NBC News )

Salt Lake City Airport to shut smoking lounges

Lucky Stirke smoking

After years of insisting that the smoking lounges internal its terminals had been an crucial provider amenity for travelers, Salt Lake City International Airport has reversed role and announced that it will section out the to be had use of the 5 lounges presently on the airport in a six-month plan beginning on July 5.

First to go might be the smoking room in Concourse D, with the very last smoking front room scheduled to shut on December 19.

SLC has a $1.eight billion Terminal Redevelopment Program underway and it became also introduced that there are not any smoking lounges inside the new plans.

“This is first and essential an trouble of public health, both for travelers and our airport employees, however it is also an problem of space issues,” said Mayor Biskupski, at the closure plan. “The present day airport terminal is also past capability, and every foot of to be had space need to be used to the satisfactory advantage of the travelling public.”

Closing the smoking rooms may not simplest assist Utah lessen fitness care charges and misplaced productivity related to smoking, it'll also loose up more than 1,two hundred square feet within the concourses for different functions, consisting of retail space, charging stations for electronics and further passenger seating, the mayor’s assertion mentioned.

Here’s the schedule for last the lounges:

*Concourse D (470 square toes): July 5
*Concourse A (308 square ft): Week of August 15
*Concourse B (396 square toes): Week of September 26
*Concourse E (357 square ft): Week of November 7
*Concourse C (598 square ft): Week of December 19

McCarran International in Las Vegas, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Denver International and only a few others are now the best foremost U.S airports with smoking lounges in the terminals.

Travel Tidbits: e-cigs, Cuba & mascots

Lucky Stirke smoking

The U.S. Department of Transportation has finalized a rule associated with smoking on airplanes and now the use of electronic cigarettes on business flights is officially forbidden.

According to DOT: “The final rule applies to all scheduled flights of U.S. and foreign companies related to transportation in, to, and from the U.S.”


Many U.S. airways – including Alaska, American, Delta, Frontier, JetBlue, Southwest and United – filed applications this week for frequently scheduled flights to Havana and different airports in Cuba. a hundred and ten day by day flights could be authorized, so live tuned and begin making plans your ride now.

Frontier mascot

And, Frontier Airlines is jogging a competition to pick a college mascot to be featured on considered one of its new Airbus 320 airplanes.

The winning mascot’s organization will win 20 roundtrip tickets and every time you vote you get entered in a contest to win a loose flight.