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Airlines prep for the inauguration with firearms ban, other safety measures

Flying to D.C.? Leave your firearms at home

If you’re flying to any airport near Washington, D.C. in the days main as much as the inauguration, you’ll ought to go away your firearms at home.

Based on the occasions over the past few weeks within the state’s capital, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit, and United Airlines are implementing a brief ban on checking firearms.

Additional safety features are being put in location as well.

In most cases, credentialed law enforcement employees and lively-responsibility military contributors touring on orders are exempt from the regulations.

A “D.C. Area Firearms Update” on the Delta Air Lines website says:

To make certain the safety of our clients and employees, clients flying into the Washington, D.C. area (DCA, BWI, IAD and RIC) from January 16 – 23 will now not be accredited to transport firearms in their checked bags. As a reminder, firearms are never accepted in convey-ons,

Alaska Airlines issued a assertion outlining its firearms ban, in addition to numerous different protection measures it'll put in place starting January 15.

The airline’s plan includes:

*Increased masks enforcement on the ground and within the air.

* A restriction at the number of tickets to be offered to and from the Washington, D.C. area;

*And and a requirement that each one passengers touring to and from the DC metro vicinity stay seated one hour after take-off and one hour earlier than landing .

“We will have a committed command middle to reveal every segment of the journey – test-in, boarding, taxi, climb, cruise, descent, and arrival – to make sure compliance and allow us to quickly reply to and remedy any incidents,” the airline stated in its declaration.

Other airways are doing a good deal the same. Some are banning the sales of alcohol on flights as properly.

More restrictions for flying into D.C.

American Airlines has posted this be aware:

The safety of our customers and group participants is our top priority. As a further precautionary measure earlier of the Presidential Inauguration, firearms won't be transported in checked bags on flights into Washington, D.C.-region airports (DCA, IAD and BWI) from January 16 – 23, 2021. Credentialed law enforcement officials and energetic duty army members journeying on Department of Defense orders will be exempt.

Firearms are in no way allowed to be delivered onboard our planes as a convey-on item.

From Saturday, Jan 16 thru Saturday, January 23, United will ban checked firearms on flights to BWI, DCA, Dulles, and Richmond International Airport.

And Southwest is doing the identical.

Many airlines are transferring their crews out of downtown D.C. inns and growing their staffing on the airports. TSA is likewise beefing up its security measures at airports across the u . s ..

Travel Tidbits from an airport close to you

Here’s a number of the airport news that stuck our interest today.

May I help you, truely?

Our first stumble upon with a video help table changed into at the big Istanbul Airport in October 2019.

It regarded ordinary however, then, efficient to step up to what seemed like an unstaffed facts table and then have a stay video chat with a person placed offsite.

But now video chats are the socially distanced manner to get questions responded in an airport.

As of May 2020, volunteer Airport Ambassadors workforce the Virtual Information Booth at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF).

And now Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is walking a Virtual Assistance pilot software in Terminal 2.

Travelers can have real-time video conversations with a consumer services expert over a touch-free tablet device hooked up on the records sales space.

As fitness protection and social distancing worries continue, we count on to look extra airports providing a few sort of digital help table.

San Jose International Airport suggests off its ingenuity

Like most airports now, Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) is enforcing new health and safety measures in its terminal.

We just like the no-nonsense social distancing signage and floor decals.

And we are inspired that in preference to waiting months for out-of-stock hand-sanitizing stations and plexiglass barriers, the Facilities and Engineering group at SJC is making its own.

At Your Gate + Grab = Service

Grab, the time-saving app that helps you to order from an airport restaurant and then move straight to the choose-up line to get your meal is partnering with AtYourGate, the provider that lets you order airport meals via an app and have it delivered to you anyplace you are in the terminal.

The partnership makes experience on many stages but is flawlessly timed for these ‘no-contact’ times.

Grab already operates in over 50 airports in 4 nations. AtYourGate serves 10 airports now, with 40 greater to be served in brief order.

Wear a face masks on the airport & at the plane. Or else!

Most each airline now calls for passengers to put on face coverings in airports and on airplanes.

But now the failure to achieve this may also result in denied boarding or a ban on destiny travel.

On Monday, the airline alternate group Airlines for America (A4A) introduced that at some point of the COVID-19 health disaster its member airlines, which include Alaska, American, Delta, Hawaiian, JetBlue, Southwest and United, are stepping up enforcement of face coverings.

The airlines may also now impose “vast results for those who do not follow the regulations.”

Each provider will be determining its own set of consequences for passengers who do no longer comply. But the ones guidelines may now consist of being banned from flying at the airline.

United Airlines says in a announcement that starting June 18 and for as a minimum the subsequent 60 days, “any passenger that does not comply while onboard a United flight may be located on an internal journey limit listing. Customers in this list will lose their travel privileges on United for a length of time to be determined pending a complete incident evaluation.”

United has been requiring passengers to put on mask on board plane on account that May four and maximum passengers were complying.

But no longer all. So the brand new rule “is an unmistakable signal that we’re organized to take extreme steps, if vital, to defend our customers and team,” said United’s Chief Customer Officer, Toby Enqvist in the airline’s declaration.

United says flight attendants will “proactively tell” clients no longer wearing face mask of the regulations and provide masks, if wished.


If the client remains non-compliant, flight attendants will do their great to de-expand the situation, again tell the client of United’s coverage, and provide the passenger with an In-Flight Mask policy reminder card.”

If a patron maintains to no longer comply, the flight attendant will record a report of the incident, as a way to initiate a formal overview procedure.”

Any very last selection or movements regarding a customer’s destiny flight benefits will no longer arise onboard however instead take place after the flight has reached its destination and the safety group has investigated the incident.

American Airlines says its updated policies will pass into impact June 16. Customers who do now not comply with the requirement to wear face coverings on the gate might be denied boarding.

“American may additionally deny future journey for customers who refuse to wear a face masking,” the airline stated in a announcement.

Other airlines will probably spell out the consequences for now not complying with the face mask requirement inside the next day or two.

Airports live open during curfews

These loopy instances are getting crazier. And scarier.

When the coronavirus pandemic started out taking its toll on tour, it appeared ordinary that airports felt the want to ship tweets reminding us that their facilities remained open. And to inspire and thank human beings for laundry their hands.

But as the variety of people traveling dipped dangerously low, it changed into reassuring to realize airports remained opened because, like grocery shops and gasoline stations, they're vital offerings to our society.

Now, curfews are being imposed in many cities on the way to regain order in which rioting and looting are displacing the peaceful protests over the death of George Floyd.

And yet again, airports are reminding – and reassuring – the public that these crucial offerings continue to be open.

More memories of wildlife at airports

More stories of flora and fauna at airports

Courtesy Port of Portland

I’ve been getting more memories about natural world ‘incidents’ at airports on the grounds that my “At the Airport” column – “From worms to whales, the natural world that concerns airports,” seemed online and in print at USA TODAY and will percentage a number of them in destiny posts.

In the period in-between – in case you ignored it, right here’s a slightly edited version of that column that was stimulated with the aid of the document of a massive alligator stuck on tape sauntering across a taxiway between two ponds at Orlando International Airport.

Whle the gator’s adventure alarmed passengers and slightly behind schedule a Spirit Airlines flight on its manner to the gate, at MCO airport flora and fauna visitors aren't rare.

“For that cause,” stated MCO’s Carolyn Fennell, “We have a biologist and wildlife unit on staff to assist with planning new facilities, monitoring and relocating, when wished, diverse ‘critters’ on our property.”

All airports have to manipulate resident and journeying flora and fauna because  birds (commonly), in addition to deer, alligators, coyote, moose and even an extra of worms on the runway after a rain (a banquet for birds) can create safety dangers that result in expensive and, in a few same cases, deadly collisions among plane and animals.

A record from the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Agriculture envisioned that in 2015 by myself natural world moves might ding the United States civil aviation industry about $229 million in direct charges and require greater than 69,000 hours of plane downtime. But despite lingering recollections of the 2009 chook strike close to New York’s LaGuardia Airport that brought about the “Miracle on the Hudson,” Cody Baciuska of Loomacres Wildlife Management says “Passengers need to not be worried approximately experiencing a strike the subsequent time they fly.”

His confidence comes from the fact that airports are aggressive approximately handling and tracking natural world and continuously network with every other about high-quality practices for deploying a extensive variety of tools that encompass everything from visible and auditory deterrents, fencing, netting and spikes to lasers and all manner of pyrotechnics

In 1999, Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW) in Fort Myers become the primary airport to add a Border collie to it flora and fauna management team to assist shoo away birds that might in any other case nest and roost on airport property. (The modern canine is called Echo; preceding ones have been Jet, Radar, Sky and Aero.)

In 2007, Seattle-Tacoma International was the arena’s first airport to install an avian radar gadget to monitor probably unsafe chicken interest near the airport.

Elsewhere, airports team up with airlines, environmental groups, network volunteers and others to humanely entice, relocate and resettle raptors inclusive of hawks, ospreys and owls.

On the east coast United Airlines, Audubon International and the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey paintings together to trap American kestrels (a weather-threatened small falcon) at Newark Liberty International Airport and send them to new homes on vicinity golfing guides with extra welcoming habitats.

Each year Seattle-Tacoma International Airport carefully collects and relocates fuzzy child chicks from the nests of resident red-tailed hawks.

“We absolutely climb the timber and take the chicks out of the nest and take them up north in which we raise them to imprint on a exceptional location,” stated Mikki Viehoever, the natural world biologist for the Port of Seattle.

Portland International Airport, placed at the confluence of the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and along a Pacific migratory flight course for birds, has a very active raptor translocation application.

“Trapped raptors are taken to suitable launch web sites in Oregon & Washington by using automobile or plane,” said Nick Atwell, wildlife manager for the Port of Portland. “We’ve partnered with Alaska Airlines for delivery to northern Washington with the cause of growing the space from PDX.”

Atwell and his crew tag and band every bird they relocate and preserve a web database of sightings. “We want to track the fulfillment or failure of this system,” stated Atwell. “And find out if a chicken comes lower back to the airport and tell other airports what is probably the quality distance for translocating animals.”

Still, flora and fauna occurs.

Some airports keep special vacuums in their device sheds or a beekeeper on velocity-dial to eliminate bees that now and again swarm on airplane wings.

In January 2017, a fifteen-foot dead whale washed up near the stop of a runway at New York’s LaGuardia Airport. “We labored with the Army Corps of Engineers to remove it,” said Laura Francoeur, leader flora and fauna biologist for the Port authority of New York and New Jersey, “Because you don’t need to depart a dead whale there to draw scavengers.”

Each year all through nesting season for Diamondback terrapins, Fancoeur and her crew additionally monitor the turtles migrating among a close-by wildlife safe haven and the shores of Jamaica Bay. In past years, masses of turtles marched – slowly – across a runway, causing planes to be not on time. Now plastic limitations maintain maximum of the turtles out of damage’s manner, even as group of workers swoop in to acquire up and relocate any terrapins that insist on taking the shortcut.

Photo_Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

In addition to shooting and relocating alligators – a few greater than 9 ft lengthy – at a few southern airports, natural world biologists and flora and fauna technicians from the USDA’s Wildlife Services unit assist maintain a zoo’s well worth of wildlife faraway from taxiways and runways. Their ‘spotlight’ listing includes Nile Monitor Lizards, pythons, porcupines (whose quills can damage airplane tires) and loons.

Courtesy USDA Wildlife Services

“What most humans might not recognize about loons is that they're unable to stroll on land,” said USDA spokeswoman Tanya Espinosa. Loons may also land on a wet runway believing they’re touchdown on water and are then not able to get lower back up. “Our employees have needed to bodily select loons up so as to release them,” stated Espinosa.

At a few coastal airports oysters, clams and other shellfish have end up an trouble, requiring groups to go out with sweepers.

“During low tides, gulls and other birds go looking for shellfish and then drop them on open regions, inclusive of runways, to crack them open,” said Espinosa, “While this is a first rate example of bird ingenuity, it is very dangerous for airports as sharp shell parts can puncture tires, get sucked into engines, damage aircraft and reason accidents.”

In Alaska, USDA Wildlife Biologists and Wildlife Technicians also help wrangle musk ox and caribou.

Musk Ox every now and then shape shielding circles at the runways, stated Espinosa and “And it could be very time eating to get them out of the manner.” Several hundred to numerous thousand caribou once in a while go runways in the course of migration. “It may be a lovely sight, however also risky for human protection and air tour,” stated Espinosa.

Last 12 months salmon had been noticed swimming throughout a flood-prone runway at Alaska’s Seward Airport and, after several days of storms, group clearing snow at the Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiaġvik (the metropolis formerly called Barrow) got here upon a 450-pound Bearded Seal lounging on the runway.

Courtesy Scott Babcock, Alaska Dept of Transportation Public-Facilities

The runway is set 440 yards from the ocean, but airport staff agree with the seal made a mile-lengthy trek around the runway to get to its selected spot.

“Animal manipulate turned into called, and they loaded the seal onto a sled and pulled it off the runway with a snow machine,” said Meadow Bailey, spokesperson for the Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities, “We consult with this because the day we warned of ‘low sealings’ at the airport.”

Have you spotted natural world at your airport? Please percentage the tale within the comments section underneath.