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Safety motion pictures

Visit France in this new Air France Safety Video

Right approximately now the whole thing – which includes the protection motion pictures we’ve seen 100 times – are among the things we pass over approximately flying.

We specially pass over the a laugh safety motion pictures that airways provide up with a purpose to get us to pay attention when we’re on the planes – or off.

So if France on your listing of places you’ll pass as quickly as the coast is apparent, then check this new safety video out from Air France.

In it, two flight attendants lay out all of the critical instructions which you’ll see in any protection video, but at the same time as also travelling iconic French landmarks such as the Opéra Garnier, the gardens of the Palace of Versailles, and the sunny French Riviera. The virtual tour keeps thru the vineyards of Provence, past museums, a fashion show, a traditional French café terrace, and alongside the banks of the Seine and its well-known booksellers.

The safety briefing ends where you might assume: on the pinnacle Air France" width="615" height="346" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen data-src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NhA0aL105Nw?feature=oembed" class="lazyload" src="">

See Alaska Airlines’ new protection dance & purchase the airline’s vacation sweater for an excellent cause

Airlines aren’t messing round while they are saying “Wear a mask. Or else.”

So a ways, Delta Air Lines has banned more than seven-hundred passengers who refuse to mask up. And Alaska Airlines has banned 219 flyers under the airline’s “No Mask, No Travel” policy.

Now, to assist get their point across about mask, Alaska Airlines has a safety dance video.

Alaska Airline’s “Safety Dance” video become directed through Warren Fu. He’s acknowledged for his paintings with artists together with Dua Lipa, The Weeknd, Daft Punk. and HAIM. The video turned into choreographed by way of Anna Matuszewski, who's regarded for her work with Macklemore.

Even better, the people dancing in the video are actual Alaska Airlines personnel.

Buy an unsightly Alaska Airlines holiday sweater for an amazing cause

For the beyond few years, every body wearing a holiday sweater became treated to priority boarding on Alaska Airlines flights on National Ugly Sweater Day.

National Ugly Sweater Day is December 18th this 12 months. But Alaska Airlines received’t be presenting early boarding for vacation sweater-wearers due to social distancing suggestions.

Instead, Alaska Airlines is inviting sweater lovers to purchase their own Alaska Airlines-branded ugly sweater for $30 each, with the proceeds going to offer holiday meals for the ones in need.

Funds will be donated to United Way’s Ride United Last-Mile Delivery initiative, which companions nearby United Ways with DoorDash and its “Dashers” (drivers) to supply meals from neighborhood food banks, meals pantries and other distribution points to senior citizens, low earnings households and people who can’t depart home.

The sweaters are on the market on Alaska Airlines’ company keep website, wherein you’ll additionally discover fun items along with Luly Yang socks and excursion ornaments, together with tiny little unsightly sweaters.

Watch Air New Zealand’s new domestic protection video

Oh what we’d deliver to be on an airplane looking a protection video proper now.

Better yet, one of the charming and quirky safety movies that Air New Zealand places together.

With borders closed because of COVID-19, maximum lengthy-haul flights to and from New Zealand had been grounded and worldwide site visitors are staying domestic.

So Air New Zealand teamed up with Tourism New Zealand for this new safety video being proven now on home flights.

In the video we see numerous locations across New Zealand vying to be named the 8th Wonder of the World.  And, of path, we see the important safety instructions for flyers.

“The video assists in helping the recovery of international tourism once borders reopen, ” says Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty. “We realize the decision-making system for site visitors to come back to New Zealand may be one-of-a-kind into the destiny – so we need to be building the enchantment and choice now in global markets in anticipation of borders reopening. It’s critical to preserve New Zealand as a tourist destination pinnacle of thoughts.” 

Take a look and allow us to recognise what you watched. We’ve also brought a number of our favourite ANZ protection motion pictures and TV advertisements from the beyond.

Qantas has a fun new safety video

Qantas Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary with some classic throwback action.

First up is that this new in-flight protection video offering ‘80s mullets, ‘70s moustaches, 1940s flying boats and Twenties propeller aircraft.

The protection video briefing capabilities present day-day Qantas team contributors in cautiously recreated historic settings onboard aircraft and in airport terminals.

Qantas has additionally prepare an exhibition showcasing the past, present and future of the airline, with artifacts, life-sized replicas and interactive installations.

The exhibition might be travelling Australia for the next 12 months, but here are more than one highlights that seem quite cool.

This is a duplicate of a Qantas 747 First Class Lounge from the 1970s.

Qantas original B747 1970s Lounge

And that is one of the scrapbooks that belonged to Qantas co-founder Fergus McMaster.

Air New Zealand has a cool new protection video

Air New Zealand has a brand new in-flight safety video – Air All Blacks – which celebrates and helps the All Blacks rugby team. And, of direction, shares crucial in-flight protection information.

Team members and group of workers, as well as a movie star or two, are featured alongside team contributors in the video, which takes area inside the headquarters of an imaginary new airline – Air All Blacks – right when ideas for the airline’s first safety video are being mentioned.    

The release of Air All Blacks marks the 10-yr anniversary of the airline’s groundbreaking and precise take on protection motion pictures.

Here are few of our favorites: