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National Aviation Day Celebrations

August 19 turned into National Aviation Day. The holiday first hooked up in 1939 honors the development of aviation and pioneers of flight. And it additionally marks Orville Wright’s birthday.

Here’s a amusing, records-crammed, and (don’t tell all people) educational spherical-up of some tweets celebrating the day.

We start and quit the list with Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), that's hosting an Aviation Week scavenger hunt within the airport, with prizes. And which welcomed 7 passengers and more than 2500 child chickens on the primary business flight to land on the airport again in 1949.


Aviation treasures returning to National Air & Space Museum

The Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum has been closed for a while to reboot with two dozen new famous. At least eight of the galleries are set to open q4.

One of these returning quickly is The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Aerial Age, an replace of the famous exhibition of the identical call that has housed the 1903 Wright Flyer when you consider that 2003.

As a preview, the museum shared pics of some of the artifacts we’ll see whilst the showcase reopens and pointed us to aviation-themed treasures inside the vaults.

12 seconds. That is how long Orville Wright’s first powered flight in the 1903 Wright Flyer lasted. The Wright Brothers used this stopwatch to time the December 1903 flight. The watch will be on display in the reimagined Wright Brothers exhibition.


Once the Wright Brothers showed how ‘clean’ it became to fly, it didn’t take long for the general public to emerge as concerned with airplanes and airplane-themed matters. And for flight themes to seem on rings, in games, and in art.

Here are some awesome gadgets from the National Air & Space Museum’s series that we are hoping we’ll see when the galleries reopen. See you there!

(All images courtesy of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum)

Board Game, Lindbergh, King Collection (A20040289048).
Pillbox with an airplane at the lid
Gold-colored small earrings attraction in the shape of an early monoplane with a seen fuselage frame and propeller that spins.

How DO Toilets Work in Space?

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. is getting a big makeover that consists of the construction and upkeep of 23 galleries.

As a part of that method, which is set to be finished someday in 2025, the entire museum has been closed when you consider that March.

But the west wing is scheduled to open inside the fall of 2022 with new exhibitions that discover a extensive type of aviation subject matters, inclusive of the Wright Brothers’ story, planets and moons, early aviation, excessive-speed generation, and different subjects.

In boost of the outlet, the Smithsonian is adopting a new logo identity and logomark for the National Air and Space Museum that “uses nice and poor space to create a stylized craft that simultaneously shows both aviation and area flight.”

Look for it on the quit of this inspiring “Space for Everyone” video that gives a nod to “airheads, space instances, flight fans, armchair astronauts, and the casually curious.” And to individuals who are “captivated with the aid of the miracle of flight and those who are just happy to make their flight.”

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What I discovered approximately Dallas Love Field Airport

The group that produces “Love Field Stories,” the reliable podcast of Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL), became type sufficient to include me as a visitor for two upcoming episodes.

The -parter delves into the specific records of the airport and highlights some of the top notch art that may be noticed in and around the terminal.

The episodes may be live-streamed on Tuesday, April 12, and on May 10 at 12:30 p.m. (Central) on Love Field’s Facebook and YouTube and will encompass photographs of some of the historical events and paintings we discuss.

The podcast also can be heard on Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Pandora.

To produce the podcast, DAL teamed me up with Bruce Bleakley, who is an aviation historian and co-author of The Love Evolution: A Centennial Celebration of Love Field Airport and Its Art.

We referred to as it a conversation. But clearly, it’s me attending to select the brain of the airport’s historian. I asked Bleakley about how, in 1958, Dallas Love Field’s new terminal constructing got here to have the first shifting walkway at any airport inside the world. And why there has been an ice-skating rink in the terminal. And approximately the function that Dallas Love Filed played on that day in 1963 while President John F. Kennedy become assassinated in Dallas and Lyndon B. Johnson changed into sworn in as president at the DAL tarmac.

In this two-component podcast, we also study the stories at the back of a number of the fantastic art that passengers walk over and walk by means of at DAL.

And I get Bleakley to tell us which city’s name is spelled wrong within the airport’s first commissioned piece of artwork. A detail he didn’t even share in his ebook.

I wish you’ll tune in!

Courtesy Frontiers of Flight Museum, Dallas

Airport Search: Travel Tidbits

Clyde Pangborn’s Uneaten Sandwich

An antique, stale sandwich locked away in a Washington kingdom museum is drawing fresh interest to an aviation daredevil and the 90th anniversary of a report-setting flight.

The sandwich is said to have traveled with Clyde “Upside-Down” Pangborn. But when? It might have been in 1926, whilst he turned into wowing spectators as a stuntman in a flying circus, doing aerial stunts consisting of loops, flying upside down, changing planes in midair, and completing car-to-plane transfers. Or it can have been in October 1931, while Pangborn and co-pilot Hugh Herndon, Jr. set a transpacific record by means of flying nonstop from Misawa, Japan, to East Wenatchee, Washington, in 41 hours and 13 minutes (some say 15 minutes).

Either way, the sandwich that is tucked away a the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center is truely, surely vintage and gaining new interest because this month is the anniversary of Pangborn’s document-placing flight. Read greater about Pangborn and the sandwich in the tale we wrote for The Points Guy.

(Photos courtesy of the Wenatchee Valley Museum & Cultural Center).

Alaska Airlines unleashes the Kraken aircraft

In Seattle, the house base of Stuck at The Airport, we've a new hockey expert ice hockey group, known as the Kraken.

The town is quite darn excited. And so is Seattle-based Alaska Airlines, that's the Kraken’s reputable airline.

To have a good time, the airline is flying a custom Kraken-themed plane on routes to the group’s away video games in towns Alaska Airline serves.

And right here’s a pleasant perk: now through the stop of the hockey season, Kraken lovers who wear the teams’ jersey can board early on all Alaska flights departing from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) and Paine Field (PAE).

Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport Moves a Mural

A large three-component mural with the aid of Paul Coze that has been greeting travelers internal Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for decades has a brand new domestic in the airport’s Rental Car Center.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the circulate.

“The Phoenix,” is a triptych 75 feet extensive and sixteen ft excessive and is believed to be the primary piece of public art commissioned through the town that become selected through a public procedure. The mural debuted whilst Terminal 2 opened in 1962.

The imagery in the mural includes depictions and logos that relate to the location’s first population, the Hohokam, as well as modern tribes and Latino historical past. Also represented are wagon trains, railroads, livestock ranching, mining, and generation. Besides paint media, fifty two different materials, including glass and ceramic mosaic tiles, soil and sand from around the nation, plastics, aluminum, and gemstones, are used in the mural creation.

So you may believe that transferring this mural turned into a sensitive mission. But it looks as if it labored out simply pleasant.