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Aviation history

National Aviation Day Celebrations

August 19 was National Aviation Day. The holiday first set up in 1939 honors the development of aviation and pioneers of flight. And it also marks Orville Wright’s birthday.

Here’s a amusing, records-stuffed, and (don’t tell everybody) instructional round-up of some tweets celebrating the day.

We begin and cease the listing with Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC), that's web hosting an Aviation Week scavenger hunt within the airport, with prizes. And which welcomed 7 passengers and greater than 2500 child chickens on the primary business flight to land on the airport again in 1949.


Aviation treasures returning to National Air & Space Museum

The Smithsonian’s National Air & Space Museum has been closed for a while to reboot with two dozen new reveals. At least 8 of the galleries are set to open q4.

One of these returning quickly is The Wright Brothers & The Invention of the Aerial Age, an replace of the famous exhibition of the same call that has housed the 1903 Wright Flyer since 2003.

As a preview, the museum shared snap shots of some of the artifacts we’ll see whilst the show off reopens and pointed us to aviation-themed treasures in the vaults.

12 seconds. That is how lengthy Orville Wright’s first powered flight inside the 1903 Wright Flyer lasted. The Wright Brothers used this stopwatch to time the December 1903 flight. The watch may be on show in the reimagined Wright Brothers exhibition.


Once the Wright Brothers showed how ‘clean’ it changed into to fly, it didn’t take lengthy for the general public to come to be fascinated by airplanes and aircraft-themed matters. And for flight themes to seem on earrings, in games, and in art.

Here are some wonderful objects from the National Air & Space Museum’s collection that we hope we’ll see whilst the galleries reopen. See you there!

(All pictures courtesy of the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum)

Board Game, Lindbergh, King Collection (A20040289048).
Pillbox with an aircraft on the lid
Gold-coloured small rings charm inside the shape of an early monoplane with a visible fuselage frame and propeller that spins.

How DO Toilets Work in Space?

The Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. is getting a massive makeover that consists of the construction and upkeep of 23 galleries.

As part of that manner, which is ready to be completed someday in 2025, the complete museum has been closed since March.

But the west wing is scheduled to open in the fall of 2022 with new exhibitions that explore a wide kind of aviation themes, which include the Wright Brothers’ story, planets and moons, early aviation, excessive-velocity generation, and other topics.

In strengthen of the hole, the Smithsonian is adopting a brand new emblem identification and logomark for the National Air and Space Museum that “makes use of fine and negative space to create a stylized craft that concurrently indicates both aviation and space flight.”

Look for it at the give up of this inspiring “Space for Everyone” video that gives a nod to “airheads, area instances, flight enthusiasts, armchair astronauts, and the casually curious.” And to those who are “captivated with the aid of the miracle of flight and those who're simply satisfied to make their flight.”

See where you land.

Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport Moves a Mural

A huge three-component mural with the aid of Paul Coze that has been greeting tourists interior Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport for decades has a new domestic in the airport’s Rental Car Center.

Here’s a time-lapse video of the flow.

“The Phoenix,” is a triptych seventy five ft huge and 16 feet excessive and is thought to be the first piece of public art commissioned with the aid of the city that was selected thru a public process. The mural debuted whilst Terminal 2 opened in 1962.

The imagery in the mural includes depictions and symbols that relate to the area’s first inhabitants, the Hohokam, as well as current tribes and Latino history. Also represented are wagon trains, railroads, farm animals ranching, mining, and era. Besides paint media, fifty two exclusive substances, including glass and ceramic mosaic tiles, soil and sand from across the nation, plastics, aluminum, and gem stones, are used within the mural production.

So you may consider that moving this mural become a sensitive mission. But it looks like it worked out just best.