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Airport Terminals

Orlando Int’l Airport’s new Terminal C

Orlando International Airport (MCO) will officially open its new 15-gate, $2.eight billion Terminal 3 later this month. The first flights are set to take off beginning on September 20.

The Airport Search new terminal group will make its way to MCO soon. But within the interim, right here are a few pictures and facts about what’s in save.

Airlines flying out of the new Terminal three at Orlando Int’l Airport

Confirmed airways so one can perform out of the brand new terminal consist of Aer Lingus, Azul, British Airways, Caribbean, Emirates, Gol, Icelandair, JetBlue, Lufthansa, and Norse.

What’s inside the new Terminal three at Orlando Int’l Airport

The Terminal features a skylight-capped Boulevard that connects ticketing, safety, concessions, gates, and bags declare.

Public artwork inside the new Terminal C and Orlando International Airport will include a whole lot of giant digital canvases by using Gentilhomme Studio.

Windows on Orlando, above, is a triptych of 32-ft-tall presentations spanning 110 toes. Content includes a rocket launch sequence filmed inside the NASA Vehicle Assembly Building on the Kennedy Space Center and an afternoon trip under open skies with cowhands rounding up livestock.

The Moment Vault is an interactive 360-diploma virtual revel in placed within the Palm Court phase of the terminal. The installation uses virtual era that lets in travelers to have interaction with 23 exceptional scenes that range from faculties of bioluminescent fish to a ride to the floor of Mars.

The Portal, nonetheless to be completed in the arrivals corridor, will be 3 testimonies excessive, with 32 custom curved displays suspended in a helical body. 26 scenes will tell the story of the transformation of Central Florida from natural springs and ranchlands to the dawn of Disney and the release into area exploration.

Shops and dining at the new Terminal 3 at Orlando Int’l Airport

 Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and SeaWorld can be represented a number of the dozen retail places. And among the dozen meals and beverage outlets will be Shake Shack and Orange County Brewers.

Stay tuned for more photos and information about what the new Terminal 3 at Orlando International Airport (MCO) has in store.

2 airports are finalists for America’s Best Restroom

The list of the top 10 finalists for the 2022 America’s Best Restroom contest is out.

And this year restrooms at two airports are in the strolling to be topped because the pleasant throne in the country.

Newark Liberty Int’l Airport (EWR)

The Terminal B all-gender restroom at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) is one of the airport restrooms nominated as an amazing instance of how groups develop and maintain progressive restroom facilities.

EWR’s new lavatory is in a 1970’s-generation terminal departure living room. The loo’s innovative, gender-impartial layout offers “potty parity” and way that extra users may be accommodated than with a conventional restroom layout.

The restroom consists of areas for traveling companions to attend and for passengers to reorganize their assets. Local imagery on the glass and tile establishes a sense of region. And sound and scent help create a calming surroundings.

Tampa International Airport (TPA)

The nominated restrooms at Tampa International Airport (TPA) are on Airside C.

These loos welcome vacationers to a uniquely Florida revel in with massive snap shots. A herbal, deep blue stone with undulating veining is supposed to be harking back to waves crashing alongside the shore.

“Once inside, huge layout tiles skin the floors and seamlessly fold up the walls, bolstering the nicely-lit surroundings and furthering a ‘freshly cleaned’ aesthetic,” the restroom nomination explains. “A wood-appearance wall tile adds warmth and softness for a balanced, resort-like sense.”

The vanities in those restrooms also offer TPA’s signature “cockpit” idea, which gives each guest their personal sensor-activating sink and cleaning soap, non-public paper towel dispensers, and a nearby trash receptacle.

The different nominated public lavatories on this Best Restroom list encompass the self-cleaning restrooms at North Hollywood Recreation Center; prohibition-themed restrooms in Stone Mountain, GA; and a Japanese pub in Orlando, FL modeled after the green restroom seen in “The Aviator” film.

Here’s the photograph from the movie:

Here’s a snap from Orlando’s Tori Tori pub.

The public is invited to vote for his or her favored finalist via August 31 right here.

Which is your favored?

Phoenix Sky Harbor Int’l Airport debuts its 8th new concourse

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX) starts welcoming passengers at a brand new concourse these days.

The new, cutting-edge, 8-gate concourse may be used soley through Southwest Airlines. Amenities consist of charging stations in each seat, an Animal Relief Area, a Family Restroom and a Nursing Room. Hearing loop connectivity lets in people with hearing gadgets to connect with the PA gadget.

For now, passengers will locate kiosks offering meals, beverage, and retail items. Shops, eating places, and a Chase Sapphire Lounge through the Club are set to open inside the coming months.

Local favorites Pedal Haus Brewery and Berry Divine – Acai Bowls will be in the new concourse as well as regional principles Bobby’s Burgers, Eegee’s and others.

Retail shops will include country wide manufacturers in addition to nearby products from Changing Hands Bookstores, Made Art Boutique, and Melrose Pharmacy.


The new concourse also showcases the humanities and includes a high-quality-looking terrazzo floor depicting aerial perspectives of the Phoenix landscape. 28 terrazzo wall pieces are fashioned like aircraft home windows.

The work is known as “Phoenix Lights, Phoenix Rising” and is designed by means of artist Susan Logoreci.

Landing at SEA is now a lot specific

The swanky, new, present day, International Arrivals Facility (IAF) officially started out welcoming and processing all worldwide arrivals at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) on Tuesday.

We stopped by way of to take some snaps, witness the reputable first-day operations, and gather a number of fanatics SEA become giving out bearing the names and skylines of global towns served.

What’s the huge deal about SEA’s new arrivals facility?

Well, the old one was dark, cramped, out-of-date, and overall just a unhappy manner to say “Welcome to Seattle and the US.”

The new one has a lovely 85-foot-high aerial walkway and a massive (450,000-rectangular-foot) grand corridor for baggage claim and customs processing.

We’d watched because the facility become constructed. But now that it’s absolutely operational, we’re glad that StuckatTheAirport.com’s headquarters is in Seattle so we get to apply it.

Here are a few extra snaps from our visit on the cut-over day.

The aerial walkway is the star of the show. Passengers get high-quality perspectives out to the mountains and rancid to the town. Plus, there’s the treat of seeing planes move with the aid of below from the longest shape over an energetic taxiway.

Accessing the walkway is a thrill too on a ride up one of the longest sets of escalators within the usa. Too long? There’s an elevator alternative as well.

Passengers might also tour along the aerial walkway by foot or hitch a ride at the moving sidewalk. With such terrific perspectives, we endorse a sluggish amble.

And then there’s the bag claim and arrivals corridor. Which is now a million times greater welcoming than what greeted passengers earlier than.

Who left this rat at Norway’s Bergen Airport?

You may note the heartwarming information and social media posts approximately airports working hard to reunite left behind crammed animals with their rightful proprietors.

Like the story of 5-12 months-vintage Ezekiel, who become reunited with the teddy undergo he left in the back of at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) last month.

Or, the tale that probably started the heartwarming “airports goes-all-out-to-reunite stuffed animal with toddler” fashion. Back in 2015, Tampa International Airport took a stuffed tiger named Hobbes on an airport journey before sending Hobbes domestic.

We love these stories.

So, whilst making our way via Norway’s Bergen Airport (BGO) final week at about 5 am we did a double-take while had been spotted a stuffed rat taped to a lane put up.

It became very early within the morning. But we did be aware that Bergen Airport is spotless. So it didn’t appear possibly that the stuffed rat turned into there as a social comment. Nor did it appear like an legit guidepost to factor tourists to their gates.

So all we ought to conclude become that this stuffed rat were left at the back of via a small infant. And that it may soon show up on Bergen Airport’s social media feed on the lookout for its owner.

We’ll check lower back to look.

Other services spotted at Bergen Airport

Besides the stuffed rat, there are a few different attractions at Bergen Airport that made us smile.

The sign for the rest room employs the difficult-to-pass over widely wide-spread symbols for “gotta move, now.”

And the kids’ play area inside the main terminal area has this a laugh hopscotch board with an aircraft, of route, within the top field.

Have you noticed a groovy amenity (or a crammed rat) and an airport? Send us a image and we’ll try to encompass it in a destiny put up on Airport Search.