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How a 747 layout alternate notion spurred the ’60-foot rule’

United Airlines’ very last charter flight to mention good-bye to the airline’s fleet of 747 airccraft, became quite a celebration and you can see my tale and pictures at the event at the Runway Girl Network.

But in the course of all of the hoopla, a representative of the flight attendant’s union cited to me that debate over a trade in the 747 design again within the mid-Eighties spurred an essential protection rule – the FAA’s 60-foot rule – that applies to just about all airplanes nowadays.

The short model of the story is that during 1984 Boeing proposed putting off a hard and fast of exit doors at the 747 jumbo jet to make extra room for seats. Flight attendants and pilots – and their unions – raised concerns over the potential to get absolutely everyone off the plane in an emergency without the ones doorways and driven back.

The Federal Aviation Administration ruled at the side of safety.

Read my full tale on how this occurred in my Runway Girl Network tale here.

Photo courtesy Boeing Company

Snaps from Boeing’s farewell flight for the Boeing 747

Courtesy United

United Airlines officially stated farewell to its Boeing 747 airplanes on Tuesday with a unique constitution flight from San Francisco to Honolulu.

I were given to journey alongside and might be setting together a formal file for the Runway Girl Network, however within the interim, here are a few snaps from the gate-aspect party, the flight and the arrival in Honolulu.

Those out-of-time outfits you’ll see? Everyone became advocated to dress in outfits from the 1970s, to awaken the time when the iconic humped plane turned into introduced.

Tom Stuker, who has flown 18 million miles on United wih United CEO Oscar Munoz, who scanned passenger tickets for the flight.


Mai Tai cocktails for all of us at the flight.


And for dessert – “Volcano” ice-cream sundaes, with dry-ice.


On arrival in Honolulu, the aircraft received a a hundred and twenty-foot-lengthy lei –
constituted of trash bags by means of United employees.

And every other cake!