Nominations for TSA’s Top Ten Catches of 2023

It’s been only a few weeks because the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released its Top Ten Finds of 2022. And we have already got information of a few gadgets discovered at airport checkpoints that might seem in the 2023 reel.

Snakes on a Plane. Almost

The Game of the Sociable Snake, c. 1890

This didn’t display up in TSA’s Top Ten Catches of 2022. But it have to have.

A woman flying out of Tampa International Airport (TPA) had a boa constrictor in her carry-on bag.

The female claimed that Bartholomew the boa became her emotional assist pet, the TSA reviews. But that story – and the boa – didn’t fly.

Replica Sniper Rifle Kit

Courtesy Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, Hyde Park, NY

Firearms aren’t allowed in airplane cabins or in deliver-on bags. Yet, passengers try to take them onboard all the time. In 2022, TSA found more than 6,000 firearms at airport checkpoints. And maximum of those firearms have been loaded.

Toy guns also are on TSA’s no-fly listing. That includes this reproduction sniper rifle kit found in a convey-on bag this week at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) in New Hampshire.

In case you overlooked it, right here’s TSA’s Top Ten Catches of 2022

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