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Southwest Airlines Nightmare Continues

Early Wednesday morning, Flightaware.com became displaying nearly 2500 Southwest Airlines flights canceled. That leaves thousands of passengers nevertheless stuck at airports across the country.

All other domestic airlines now have their schedules lower back on course since the ultimate weekend’s bad climate. But not Southwest. The airline keeps to be afflicted by staffing problems, software program and technology failures, and different challenges.

Southwest Airlines CEO Bob Jordan offered apologies. ( See under). And the airline is providing to cowl the charges of hotels, vehicle rentals, and tickets on different airways that allows you to assist out inconvenienced passengers.

If your plans were ruined, right here’s a hyperlink to start submitting for that compensation. Also be sure to check your credit score card for any tour delay advantages it is able to offer.

The Department of Transportation has vowed to research.

But that isn’t honestly doing an awful lot proper now to restore the issues and headaches this meltdown has prompted. Nor will it make up for ruined vacations and family gatherings, and neglected meetings, weddings, funerals, and different essential activities humans had been trying to get to.

Not only are Southwest Airlines passengers nonetheless stuck at airports all around the united states of america, luggage is pilling up in bag claims. And many human beings received’t get flights domestic until after January 1.

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