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Would You Drink Beer Made With Water Dripped from Airport Air Conditioners?

Back in 2019 San Diego International Airport (SAN) partnered with local brewery Ballast Point and an business water purification organisation to create a unique beer known as SAN Test Pilot.

The beer become a sellout. Even although (or possibly because) the water for the beer came from condensate that become dripping from the lowest of air conditioning gadgets attached to the airport jet bridges.

Now SAN is at it again. The East Village Brewing Compan has beers made with purified condensate accrued at the airport.

Hoppy Travels IPA is a West Coast IPA with flavors of grapefruit and guava. Pre-Flight Pils is a German-fashion pilsner with bready and lemon zest flavors.

Both beers are currently on tap at The East Village Brewing Company and could quickly be to be had at San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 2.

We can’t wait to flavor them.

Here’s a video that explains how air-conditioning drippings at San Diego International Airport (SAN) become fantastic-tasting, exact-for-the-planet beer.

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