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Greetings from: the Great Prosser Balloon Rally

The largest warm air balloon festival in the international – the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta – will take place October 1-nine.

But one of the most captivating hot air balloon fairs in the global came about this beyond weekend in Prosser, WA.

This become the thirty third year for the three-day Great Prosser Balloon Rally and close to twenty balloons took to the skies from Prosser Airport each morning at round 7 am.

For our first-time attendee, matters didn’t look too promising while she arrived to discover all the warm balloons simply mendacity flat at the floor.

There have been families collected in the field with their children still in their pajamas. And lots of people with large cups of coffee. And for some time, not anything regarded to be occurring.

But after a set of small check balloons have been sent up to make certain the wind conditions were appropriate for hot air balloon adventures, the enterprise of filling up the balloons, commencing, and flying over Washington’s decrease Yakima Valley turned into underway.

The dawn launches are exciting, but by hook or by crook we neglected out on seeing the Night Glow while all the hot air balloons are anchored to the floor and are then lit up from inside so they glow against the night sky.

So we’re already making plans on attending next 12 months. See you there.

Courtesy Great Prosser Balloon Rally

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