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As fanatics of airports, libraries, aviation records, and museums, we’re overjoyed that San Francisco International Airport (SFO) has reopened the Louis A. Turpen Aviation Museum & Library after a -year closure.

The facility is named after a former airport director and sits pre-safety in the Main Hall of SFO’s International Terminal.

The unfashionable look deliberately inspires the airport’s passenger lobby from the Nineteen Thirties.


The museum is domestic to extra than one hundred fifty,000 objects related to the histories of industrial aviation and San Francisco International Airport. And for the duration of the power shutdown, SFO Museum group of workers spent time doing an in depth virtual production of the museum’s Aviation Collection.

Aerial view of SFO – 1966

Now there are more than 40,000 objects on hand on line. And extra material is being delivered every week. Online highlights encompass the history of SFO airport; fabric regarding main airways consisting of Pan Am and United Airlines; and pix, uniform portions, and other aviation memorabilia, including Junior Pilots Pins and airsickness bags.

If you recognize exactly what you’re seeking out, the gathering is easily searchable.

But in case you’re simply inquisitive about poking round, watch out.

We started this publish three hours in the past and went down a severe rabbit hole as soon as we started clicking on the “random item” button.

Visit the Aviation Museum & Library in person

With its reopening, the Aviation Museum & Library is likewise launching a sequence of recent exhibitions that passengers may go to in person. Exhibits encompass:

Going the Distance: Endurance Aircraft Engines & Propellers of the 1910s & 20s.

This showcase includes two groundbreaking engines, the V-8 Curtiss OXX-6 and the Wright J-five Whirlwind radial engine, two associated propellers, photos, and extra.

Jet Mainliner in Miniature: the United Air Lines Douglas DC-8 Cutaway Model

This showcase suggests off a overdue-1950s United Airlines cutaway version of a DC-eight. Historical snap shots, promotional materials, and video clips from United’s promotional movie ‘Jet Mainliner Flight 803’ are also on display.

There are also several different new famous inside the reopened aviation museum at SFO, making this a awesome time to agenda a long layover to take in these and a number of the 20 famous the SFO Museum offers throughout the terminal buildings.

All pix and pix are courtesy of the SFO Museum.

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