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Art scavenger hunt at PHL Airport

This summer, passengers at Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) have a amusing way to spend their live time, interact with art, and maybe win a prize.

In PHL’s Art Puzzle Challenge guests seated on the airport’s large B-C meals courtroom will locate tabletop decals with a scannable QR code. The code is likewise on B and C data counters and on 4 art exhibition locations.

The code first offers instructions to puzzle 1, which is Kiki Aranita’s exhibition of re-created yarned snacks and sauces primarily based on her Korean/Hawaiian background. 

In that first stop, players could be requested to find an object named after a Hawaiian island. (Hints are provided).

When that piece of the puzzle is finished, passengers are directed to the alternative three exhibitions and requested to discover an element of the art. When all 4 pieces of the puzzle are solved, passengers may also submit their records online and obtain a prize from PHL’s exhibition program: 6 artist-made pins that characteristic PHL and a selection of international destinations.

The art scavenger hunt kicks off Tuesday, May 31, and is designed with the aid of Eric Dale, who creates puzzle demanding situations for Philly avenue artwork. As the art exhibitions at PHL exchange, the puzzle undertaking might be updated. (Photos courtesy PHL Airport).

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