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Dark skies, loose pins & a large flamingo

A Big Bird for Tampa International Airport

A flamingo sculpture via Matthew Mazzotta depicting a flamingo gently dipping its head below the surface of the water is being installed inside the middle of rhe foremost terminal at Tampa International Airport. (TPA).

Don’t worry – you can’t miss it. The sculpure is purple, 21-toes tall, and its large head, neck, beak, and legs are already in place close to The Shoppes at Bayshore. The sculpture is anticipated to be completed over the next few weeks.

LAX, other airports flip off light for Earth Hour

Saturday, March 25, towns, points of interest, resorts, and airports across the u . s . a . marked Earth Hour by turning off non-important electric lighting, for one hour.

Get pinned at PHL Airport

PHL Airport is celebrating the restart of global flights to several locations this week through handing out collectible pins to mark the day.

We’re trying to discern out how to e book those flights so we are able to nab some pins…

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