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Who left this rat at Norway’s Bergen Airport?

You may also note the heartwarming information and social media posts about airports working hard to reunite left behind filled animals with their rightful proprietors.

Like the tale of 5-year-antique Ezekiel, who become reunited with the teddy endure he left behind at Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport (MKE) remaining month.

Or, the tale that probable began the heartwarming “airports is going-all-out-to-reunite crammed animal with infant” trend. Back in 2015, Tampa International Airport took a crammed tiger named Hobbes on an airport adventure earlier than sending Hobbes domestic.

We love these memories.

So, when making our way via Norway’s Bergen Airport (BGO) ultimate week at about five am we did a double-take when had been noticed a filled rat taped to a lane put up.

It was very early inside the morning. But we did observe that Bergen Airport is spotless. So it didn’t seem likely that the filled rat was there as a social comment. Nor did it appear like an official guidepost to point travelers to their gates.

So all we should finish became that this stuffed rat have been left at the back of by a small toddler. And that it can soon display up on Bergen Airport’s social media feed searching for its owner.

We’ll take a look at lower back to peer.

Other services noticed at Bergen Airport

Besides the crammed rat, there are a few different sights at Bergen Airport that made us smile.

The sign for the toilet employs the difficult-to-miss frequent symbols for “gotta go, now.”

And the children’ play location within the essential terminal place has this fun hopscotch board with an plane, of route, inside the top container.

Have you noticed a cool amenity (or a filled rat) and an airport? Send us a image and we’ll try to include it in a future post on Airport Search.

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