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Chocolate at IND Airport; Motivational Mirrors at ELP Airport; Merch at CVG

We can inform journey is inching back to ‘normal’ because airports are hosting a laugh events and inspiring tourists to paste round and engage.

Two great examples: Indianapolis International Airport (IND) welcomed the Sweets & Snacks Expo to town (sure, that’s a element!) with an in-terminal chocolate sculpting demonstration.

And as part of its ongoing Elevate Love Project, El Paso International Airport (ELP) has motivational messages on restroom mirrors.

Chocolate sculpture at IND Airport

Indianapolis International Airport (IND) joined forces with Indy-primarily based Endangered Species Chocolate to host a live chocolate sculpture carving by means of Chef Paul Joachim, known as the Chocolate Genius.

You can see the movement in the video clip beneath.

Motivational Messages from ELP Airport

A Twitter message from El Paso International Airport (ELP) on National Selfie Day sparked our curiosity approximately the writing at the restroom reflect within the photograph.

It turns out this is part of the airport’s Elevate Love Project, so named to fit with the airport’s name signal ELP.

“Our group of workers submitted their positivity and we placed them on the mirrors to enhance the mood of all and sundry who sees them,” explains, ELP Education and Graphics Specialist Asa Aguilar. “We have had top notch responses from the public and lots of people have submitted to this initiative.”

Here are a few samples of the messages and the selfies people have shared. Great concept!

We have been additionally curious about the chicken inside the picture. And we are thrilled to learn that this is Red T. Hawk, El Paso International Airport’s mascot and ambassador.

We assume each airport have to have a mascot and we’re pleased to add Red T. Hawk to our list.

Fresh Airport Merch at CVG

Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) now has an online merch store. Our favored object? The airport socks, of direction. Bonus: 15% off.

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