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Museum Monday highlights from Viking.TV

Courtesy Kon-Tiki Museum

We’re placing off for Iceland in some weeks to sign up for Viking for considered one of their Welcome Back cruises. So we had been poking across the corporation’s website.

One brilliant resource there for the overall public is Viking.TV. It become created in response to the pandemic and this channel is chock complete of videos approximately artwork, subculture, records, meals, song, structure, and locations round the world.

Our favored function is Museum Monday. Stop in and also you’ll see that there are actually greater than 60 motion pictures approximately museums and collections. which includes a few splendid behind the scene tours.

You’ll locate your own favorites, however right here are some of the films that captured our interest and our creativeness this week. We began with a visit to the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo, Norway, domestic to Thor Heyerdahl’s authentic Kon-Tiki raft and the papyrus boat Ra II.

We additionally went down a rabbit hole at London’s British Museum mastering approximately how prepared the museum for lockdown and toured the collection of the Alaskan gadgets on the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich, England.

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