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CRP: 5 Things We Love About Corpus Christi International Airport

We are lower back with every other episode of “five Things We Love About,” highlighting the functions and services of airports around the u . s . a . and the sector.

Today we are touchdown at Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP) in South Texas. CRP is served by way of three airways – American Eagle, Southwest, and United Airlines – and is the airport location site visitors use on their way to and from sport and bay fishing, the united statesLexington, and the Texas State Aquarium.

Here are a number of our favorite facilities at Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP).

1. The terminal constructing at CRP

In addition to the welcoming ‘waves’ on the front of the building, the gate areas of the Hayden W. Head Terminal offer passengers panoramic views of the entire airfield. In addition to business aircraft and enterprise and corporate jets, passengers can also spot Navy Trainers doing “contact and goes” and taxiing.

2. The Art at Corpus Christi International Airport

Where the Sun Meets the Sea” via Shan Shan Sheng is an impressive overhead blown glass piece designed for this terminal. The airport also has an exhibit packed with items on loan from the Art Museum of South Texas.

Texas Boots – ceramic – by way of -William Wilhelm

3. Selfie Stations at Corpus Christi Int’l Airport

four. USS Lexington Model at CRP

CRP airport is domestic to this remarkable version of the USS Lexington CV-16, that's now a museum approximately 7 miles from the airport. According to the museum, this ship became commissioned in 1943 and set extra records than another Essex Class service inside the records of naval aviation. The deliver turned into also the oldest running carrier within the United States Navy while decommissioned in 1991.

Here is a detail from the version.

There is likewise a show of photos approximately the records of the airport and the airfield within the Co-Pilot Coffee Shop, submit-safety. The photos are from the Doc McGregor image collection at the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History.

Gyroplane visits Corpus Christi in 1932

5. Souvenir Shopping at CRP

6. BONUS: Go Team Therapy Dogs at CRP

CRP is the education floor for the non-earnings Go Team, which trains dogs and handlers. Each therapy canine has its very own calling card.

Did we miss your favorite characteristic or amenity at Corpus Christ International Airport (CRP)? Would you like to see your favourite airport featured within the “5 Thing We Love About” series on Stuck at The Airport?

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