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Watch Air New Zealand’s new home protection video

Oh what we’d give to be on an aircraft looking a protection video right now.

Better but, one of the fascinating and quirky protection movies that Air New Zealand places together.

With borders closed due to COVID-19, most long-haul flights to and from New Zealand have been grounded and global visitors are staying home.

So Air New Zealand teamed up with Tourism New Zealand for this new protection video being proven now on domestic flights.

In the video we see numerous destinations across New Zealand vying to be named the 8th Wonder of the World.  And, of direction, we see the important safety instructions for flyers.

“The video assists in supporting the recovery of worldwide tourism once borders reopen, ” says Air New Zealand Chief Customer and Sales Officer Leanne Geraghty. “We know the choice-making system for site visitors to return to New Zealand could be extraordinary into the destiny – so we need to be building the attraction and choice now in worldwide markets in anticipation of borders reopening. It’s important to keep New Zealand as a traveler vacation spot top of thoughts.” 

Take a glance and allow us to recognize what you believe you studied. We’ve additionally added some of our favorite ANZ protection movies and TV classified ads from the beyond.

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