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SAN: five Things We Love About San Diego International Airport

SAN: Five Things WE Love approximately San Diego International Airport

Our “five Things We Love About…” series celebrates functions and facilities at airports across the u . s . a . and the sector.

Today we land at San Diego International Airport (SAN), North America’s 2nd-ever carbon neutral airport.

We know that because of health concerns, a few services we love may not presently be to be had. We’re confident they’ll be again.

five Things We Love About San Diego International Airport (SAN)

1. The art at San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport has a strong art application with extraordinary permanent public artwork portions and transient exhibitions.

Above are a few snaps of The Journey by means of Jim Campbell. The mild ribbon is each the Airport Authority’s largest fee and largest scale paintings and is made from 38,000 suspended LED pendants spanning six feet wide with the aid of seven-hundred feet long. Located in Terminal 2, the artwork has pix of human beings swimming, dancing and taking walks, and birds in flight, fluttering in the course of the sculpture.

2. SAN is domestic to the California Least Tern

The San Diego International Airport is domestic to the California Least Tern (Sterna antillarum browni, “CLT”), a federally listed endangered seabird species. The airport presents the tern with a nesting habitat and clean get right of entry to to foraging possibilities in close by San Diego Bay.

three. SAN has its very own beer

San Diego International Airport (SAN) partnered with neighborhood brewery Ballast Point and commercial water purification organisation, Water Works, Inc., to brew a lager – called SAN Test Pilot.

The water for SAN Test Pilot comes from condensate that drips from the lowest of air con units connected to jet bridges. The Airport’s Environmental Affairs group began accumulating the dripping condensate in 2014 and currently captures about one hundred,000 gallons in line with yr from 18 of the most heavily used jet bridges at terminals 1 and a couple of.

In addition to creating beer, the water is used to wash sidewalks, equipment, automobiles and building exteriors and in the cooling towers that manipulate the temperature within the terminals.

4. SAN’s artist in house software

In addition to a appearing arts application, San Diego International Airport has a performing arts residency application that gives place corporations area to expand new paintings and the possibility to carry out.

The software kicked off in 2016 with the Fern Street Circus and on account that then has hosted a extensive kind of performance groups, together with an aerial dance theater.

five. SAN’s Innovation Lab

SAN’s Airport Innovation Lab is a 16-week accelerator application that enables entrepreneurs, start-ups, and different companies get a wholesome foothold in the airport industry.

The software gives testing for the ideas and a one-year technology-in depth collaborative program. 

Past Innovation Lab begin-americayou could apprehend include Fuel Rod and At Your Gate.

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