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PHL: five Things We Love About Philadelphia International Airport

Our 5 Things We Love About series of airport guides celebrating some of the capabilities and amenities at airports across the us of a and the arena is developing longer.

And today we add some other airport to the listing: Philadelphia International Airport (PHL).

PHL, simply seven miles from downtown Philadelphia, first opened in 1940. Back then it turned into regarded then as Philadelphia Municipal Airport. Today PHL serves more than 32 million passengers a 12 months with 25 airlines making 500 departures to extra than a hundred and forty locations global.

Keep in thoughts that some of the facilities featured right here can be briefly unavailable due to fitness concerns. We are confident they'll come lower back.

five Things We Love About Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

1. Art and exhibitions at PHL

PHL’s award-prevailing art and exhibitions program is celebrating its 22nd year and also you’ll locate artwork at pretty much every flip.

We love the wall filled with posters of movies made in Philadelphia, which includes Rocky (and the sequels), starring Sylvester Stallone; Dressed to Kill, with Michael Caine and Angie Dickinson, Blow Out, with John Travolta; Trading Places, Witness and extra.

And we in reality love the transient exhibitions PHL hosts as well as the everlasting artwork, together with King Saladeen’s “Create Your Gold” (among Terminals C and D).


The ARTport Lounge in Terminal F is a colorful area for passengers to relax at the same time as watching for a flight. The place functions the art work of Kyle Confehr, Martha Rich, Alloyius Mcilwaine and Lauren Cat West. There’s a famous sticker wall here as well as cornhole recreation forums.


PHL’s Wagging Tails Brigade of therapy dogs launched in April 2019. The program consists of 12 groups of volunteer dogs and handlers who walk the terminals to have interaction with passengers and reduce strain.

Each dog has its personal buying and selling card as well.

four. The PHL Book Exchange

Everything in PHL’s e book alternate and seating region in Terminal A is recycled. The book exchange and seats are made from reclaimed wooden pallets, the plants are in recycled aluminum cans and water bottles, and the backdrop tiles are made from damaged skateboard decks.

The books are “take one, go away one” and come from passengers and from the airways, which donate books left onboard airplanes.


The pop-up theater in Baggage Claim B showcases media/video with the aid of Philadelphia place adolescents who take part in numerous nonprofit programs.

Right now the features “Symphony for a Broken Orchestra,” an exhibition with damaged musical instruments from the School District of Philadelphia, emphasizing the significance of tune schooling in colleges.

Broken Orchestra from Topic on Vimeo.

Did we miss an amenity you love at PHL airport? The rocking chairs? Perhaps the truth that you can order a cheesesteak in any terminal? The Philadelphia Zoo at PHL software? Or the on-property Marriott motel related via a skywalk to Terminal B?

Let us realize inside the remarks phase under. Which airport have to we visit subsequent?

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    Airport rep says stationary motorcycles have been a brief amenity now ‘lengthy long gone.’ Rocking chairs, although, nonetheless there.

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    Thanks for adding those objects to the listing. Will take a look at on the status of the stationary bicycles and upload that to the ‘bonus’ section.

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    Not positive if they’re nonetheless there, but don’t forget about the desk bound bicycles and the rocking chairs (that you covered a photo of, however didn’t mention)!

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